Is Ciara’s New Single ‘Sweat’ Enough to Save Her Career?

What should have been a major moment in music for singer Ciara has grown increasingly silent amidst lukewarm reactions to the leaking of an upcoming single. Is Ciara headed down the wrong path again, musically?

By: AJ Niles

Ciara released the first single from her latest album One Woman Army recently and the reaction to it has been less than desired. The track, titled Sweat, is the first single released from Ciara since 2010 when she released the album Fantasy Ride.

The single features a verse from Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz and was produced by Stanley Randolph and Kenneth Townsend.

Let us know below if this marks the return of Ciara or if she needs to head back to the studio.



  1. I cut it off in 10 seconds. I think I’m getting too old to understand this kind of music. But it’s one of those songs that if they play it enough on the radio, it should do decent. So at this point, Ciara’s career is in the DJs’ hands.

  2. I kind of like it actually. Makes me want to dance. Give this girl a chance to prove herself again. I think she deserves that much at least.

  3. Meh. Ciara can do way better than this. I am kind of happy she’s getting closer to her old sound. Almost, but not quite.

  4. Honestly, I think Rihanna may have taken Ciara’s spot. Neither one can sing, Ciara is actually a good performer, but Rihanna has the better songs. Ciara had another opportunity to get into the pop genre, and she opted for crunk and b again. That era of music is dead. I don’t understand who is helping her pick out these songs, but this won’t be a hit. I hope her next single has more crossover appeal than this one. Because if not, Ciara will still be easily forgettable.

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