The Dream: I’m The Reason Gwyneth Paltrow Used the ‘N’ Word on Twitter

Producer The Dream is so excited to be hanging around A-List actresses that he does not mind taking the blame for their “racist” Twitter antics. Surprise surprise,  The Dream says he is behind Gwyneth Paltrow’s racial slur that left everyone on Twitter appalled.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Academy Award winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow may have just tweeted her way into some unnecessary controversy.

During a recent trip to Paris to see pals rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West perform at one of their shows for the Watch the Throne tour; the actress got so caught up in the moment, she forgot not to let her awkwardness around black people to show. In just one tweet, poor Gwyneth went from beloved Oscar-winning actress to racist bigot and totally insensitive to Hip Hop culture. These are just some of the unfortunate labels given to the actress after she tweeted about her attendance at the recent leg of the Watch the Throne tour. A recent reply tweet to The Dream, who had just tweeted a picture of the actress dancing on stage,  has the actress currently in an unfavorable light with the general public:

Gwyneth racist tweet

Although the singer quickly took to Twitter to remind her followers that it was only “the title of a song,” critics immediately began to slam the singer and questioned if it is ever okay for white celebrities to publicly tweet a word that invokes so many dark feelings for African Americans.

Producer and singer The Dream stepped in and decided to take full responsibility for Gwyneth’s big no no. And by full responsibility, we really mean he lied and said that he tweeted Gwyneth’s response himself.

Of course no one really buys this because no one can see Gwyneth being that cool with The Dream to the point that she’d let him snatch her phone and send tweets that totally make her look like a racist.

Another question one has to ponder is why are we so quick to get outraged about a white actress using a term that we feel so comfortable enough to use ourselves that we even used the world in the title of our popular Hip Hop songs?

Does a few asterisks really remove all the history attached to one of America’s most disturbing words, and suddenly make it okay for a white woman to tweet it for the world to see?

And where was the same outrage when we all learned that Kanye West and Jay-Z, two of Hip Hop’s biggest artists, were releasing a single called “N-ggas in Paris?”


  1. This is just a tad bit silly IMO. She said the title of the song. If black folks want to be angry about this, point your fingers at Jay Z and Kanye for deciding to name the song with a racial slur. Give me a break.

  2. LOL so the Dream is still a liar I see. She clearly tweeted it herself but didn’t think she’d get in trouble for it. People think if they use symbols and don’t type the whole word out that it shouldn’t be a problem. Kind of like how black folks are insane enough to think if they add an “a” on the end of it, it is no longer a bad thing to say. Same difference.

  3. How tacky. And is this woman still married? Haven’t seen her out in public with her hubby for a good minute. Yet she’s always around Bey and J. Interesting.

  4. Why are people getting mad? She’s hanging around Jay-Z and Kanye, two people who disrespect the black race every chance they get. And doesn’t Jay still call his own wife a b-tch in his songs? Please.

    1. Oh honey please don’t tread that tired line. Jay respects Beyonce. That is why he married her before impregnating her. More black men should do the same. You bitter chicks need to stop taking little shots at Bey when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  5. I think people are being a little too sensitive. Both Ye and Jay named the song N-ggas in Paris. So what did people think was going to happen? Folks mad at wrong person.

  6. We have to be on of the only races of people that openly embraces a racial slur about our own race and then gets mad at folks for using it just as casually as we do. Our slave complexity is so crazy that the Dream obviously felt the need to protect the same white chick who got drunk and said n*ggas publicly. The master/slave mentality is real and continues today thanks to what used to be “hip hop.”

  7. Shouldn’t this Hamburgular be too busy trying to steal a Happy Meal than trying to save rich and snotty white actresses? Someone needs to find the closest set of Golden Arches and have a seat on the playground.

  8. Did she say “beehigh?” You mean to tell me this woman has an Oscar and millions in the bank and she doesn’t know that the word should have been “beehive?” I can’t even get back on topic because this grown woman doesn’t know how to spell beehive. Serious problem here.

  9. The Dream probably should have put as much energy as he did into saving Gwyneth’s a– into saving his two failed marriages. And yes I am judging. I’m tired of the foolishness.

  10. Did anybody even watch the video? Gwyneth seems cool and she can actually rap a little bit. She’s a white person with soul and obviously has a deep appreciation for hip hop. Stop making something out of nothing.

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