Bow Wow Disses Ciara on Facebook

Bow Wow took his Facebook Fan page to express his disgust with Ciara’s latest single Sweat, which features 2 Chainz.

By: A.J. Niles


We can add rapper Bow Wow to the group of those that are not feeling Ciara’s new single Sweat.

Bow Wow, who released a song earlier this year featuring Lil’ Wayne, expressed his extreme dislike of Ciara’s new song.

This Facebook status garnered over 1,000 comments and likes combined. It seems his fans are in full agreement of his opinion. This could be possibly viewed as a stunt to draw attention to his latest album, Underrated, which will be released on the 12 of June. Bow Wow also stated bold opinions in interviews promoting his latest project.

He compared the single, Better, to Tupac’s Brenda’s Got a Baby. In the interview, he is quoted saying:

“It’s like Tupac’s ‘Brenda Got a Baby,’ it’s a meaningful song,” Bow Wow says. “And that’s why I portrayed the dancer. That’s real life. You got so many girls in college trying to pay tuition, they gotta get out and get it and because of that they get called names. They might have a kid or two but they gotta do what they gotta do. That song is for that real woman out there that struggles. Nobody is making those kinds of records.”




  1. Why is he still pressed about what Ciara does? She’s not even checking for him. This is how every wack ex boyfriend acts. Instead of moving on, they have to hate on what you’re doing. He’s too old to be so damn childish.

  2. The song isn’t very good but his music isn’t anything to brag about either. There are obviously still some feelings there that he needs to get over. But it seems like she has moved on and it rubbed him the wrong way. Bow Wow has a child yet he still acts like one his damn self.

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