Wayne Coyne Alleges Erykah Badu Is Faking Her Outrage About Video

Flaming Lips member and producer of controversial video Wayne Coyne alleges that Erykah Badu is faking her outrage behind the recent video released featuring both Badu and her sister.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The internet went insane after a highly sexual and controversial video was released that featured a very naked Erykah Badu and an even more naked little sister of hers.

The video was met with heavy criticisms, as most fans of Badu were unable to get past the disturbing scenes of Badu’s sister being completely covered in blood, glitter, and semen to see the art the collaboration was supposed to portray. Despite the many unsettling images of a black woman’s body covered in the many forms of fluid, Erykah Baddu spent the majority of her time in the video singing in a bathtub of some unidentified liquid, while covering Roberta Flack’s classic, The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face.

Erykah originally seemed to be satisfied with the video, as she admitted on Twitter that she invited her sister onto the project to shoot the scenes that she herself was not comfortable with. In fact, the scenes of the video involving glitter, blood, and semen were actually scenes portrayed by Erykah’s sister, and not the singer herself.

Before Erykah leashed out against video director Wayne Coyne, Erykah was on the social network asking fans to tweet her their thoughts and reactions to the video.

Things went left when Erykah realized she was garnering more negative responses than good ones.

Not too long after, Ms. Badu tweeted Wayne and accused him of releasing a version of the video he had not cleared with her. She stated the video was edited without any of her consultation.

This seems to be news to Wayne, as he took to Twitter to suggest that not only did Ms. Badu know what the finished video looked like, but that she could also be trying to make a villain out of the director to appease and simmer down her fans who have expressed their disappointment in the video:

Here are Erykah’s earlier tweets before the outrage occurred:

In Erykah’s defense, she claims she only saw images and didn’t see a video until the entire internet did.

Who do you believe? Speak on it.


  1. BS! And she knows it. She was cool with it until she found out most people didn’t see anything artsy about a black woman being covered in semen and blood. I love Erykah but she needs to stop all these stunts. She is losing the realness that made her successful.

  2. Looks like Ms. Badu converted to that ho sh-t she was so against a few years ago. By the looks of her tweets, she knew the deal. Can’t get mad at her though because shock is what keeps them relevant now. Not their music.

  3. I just think it’s messed up she had her sister do the things she felt she was too good to do. If it came down to that, she should have pulled out of the project. Never have your family do things you wouldn’t do yourself.

  4. I saw the whole thing go down on Twitter. Everything was cool until everybody saw the video. Then she became ashamed of it. But why would any black woman subject themselves to being drowned in semen and blood at the hands of a white dude? I mean Wayne is married, why didn’t he have his wife help him with his “art?” Exactly.

  5. When a video director brings out red and white creamy liquids to the set, and asks you to sit in a bathtub, you should politely decline.

  6. So is that what it comes down to for Badu now? Just sad. And shout out to all the idiots who think they are so damn deep that they really think that a video about a–, semen, glitter, and blood is “art.” That was nothing but soft porn for any white man who secretly has a thing for the black woman’s body.

  7. The video was very gross and disturbing. Window Seat was classy to me. There is a way to be naked, and be sexy and sensual. But the last few moments of the video when Erykah’s sister had all the semen all over her face and in her mouth was absolutely disgusting. I can’t see how any black woman could support this video concept. Erykah got played and she should just accept that her trying too hard to be deep got her in situation she can’t really get out of.

  8. Umm yeah she’s probably lying and didn’t expect that reaction from everybody. But as soon as he told her the concept, she should have passed on it. I’m not sure what she expected to be differently, because there really isn’t anyway you could have made any of that tasteful. Glitter, blood, and semen? Ehh, that will always be porno ingredients.

  9. It’s probably every white man’s dream to cover a big booty black woman with lots of semen and glitter. So I’m just going to agree with others who said the video was nothing short from softcore porn.

  10. Yeah Erykah just officially lost a fan on this one. I stuck with her by the Window seat thing and the whole tribe of kids and baby daddies she has..but she just keeps showing me that she isn’t anything like what I thought she was. Why is it always the ones who act all deep and neo soul that are the most ratchet in real life? I saw the video and I can tell you I never have to see that mess again.

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