A Lil’ Kim Stan Wants The View’s Sherri Shepherd Raped in Back Alley

Not only do celebrities have to worry about receiving nasty hate tweets on the popular social network, but now they must deal with rape threats as well.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Twitter can be a very heinous and nasty place for any human being, rather you are a celebrity or a “regular” person, as at any given moment, depending on what you tweet, you could possibly push someone to the edge with merely your opinion. The most disturbing of tweets usually comes as a result of celebrity talk, social issues, race, and political discussions. But for some reason, although real issues are always pending as the country continues to be plagued with many social injustices, people tend to get more out of control when their favorite celebrity is criticized and “hated” on. By the looks of The View co-host Sherri Shepherd’s latest drama, some people are even willing to take a charge to defend a celebrity and silence a hater on the social network.

When Sherri criticized female rapper Lil’ Kim back in her hay day, a  Lil’ Kim “stan” made it a mission to get her back eventually. Eventually became yesterday. as the angry fan attacked Shepherd out of nowhere, with a threat that was more terrifying than humiliating:

(Read tweets from the bottom up)

sherri shepherd rape threat tweet

While Sherri has since honored her word and attempted to file a police report against her cyber bully, she quickly learned after talking to police officers that she did not have enough information against the bully to file charges, since the only information Sherri had on the person was their sickening obsession over Lil’ Kim.  In order for any charges to be filed, the television personality will have to subpoena Twitter for information on the account holder, a process that is very confusing and in some cases pointless. After Sherri expressed her disappointment of the lack of justice for cyber threats that occur in a series of nasty tweets, her assailant went after her again:

#DeadBitchesDontTalk @SherriEShepherd SNITCH!!!!!

In addition to attempting to file the police report, she still has to take the proper steps on the social network to have the assailant’s account dismantled.



  1. You know your favorite female rapper is finished/washed up when you have to resort to threatening to rape Sherri Shepherd.

  2. This is just beyond sick. People let their love of a celebrity deaden their brains and strip them of common sense. Lil’ Kim ain’t stanning over you or taking charges for your dumb behind, so why do it for her? I don’t know if it just hurts to see another female rapper on top that isn’t Kim, but these Kim fans are becoming just as bad as Beyonce’s. Come on people.

  3. I hope she ends up getting what she needs to press charges because this person is obviously a sick individual that needs to be locked under the jail. Just sick.

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