The Dream to Christina Milian: Nivea Doesn’t Think I’m A Deadbeat Dad

The Dream takes shots at ex-wife Christina Milian after she disses his fathering skills on Twitter, using Nivea as fuel.

By: Taren Vaughan

Chris Brown has had his share of Twitter beefs for the past few weeks and false accounts floating around with his name attached to them. And now The Dream seems to be following right in his footsteps. Earlier this week, his ex-wife Singer Christina Milian took to, you guessed it, Twitter to let everyone know how “good” of a father she thought he was to their 2-year-old daughter Violet:

“Shoutout to all the Father’s out there that actually Father their children daily,”

“@CMilianOfficial and shout out to the Mamas that play both roles!”

Dead beat dad is he?

The two haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye since their divorce back in 2010. And it’s clear that she feels like he isn’t stepping up to the plate of parenthood.

Of course The Dream didn’t walk away without tweeting something in response to her deadbeat father accusations.

With Father’s Day approaching, one woman is taking time out of her day to show him how great of a father she thinks he is. And it just so happens to be his ex-wife Nivea.

Using Nivea’s nice gesture as fuel, he publicized his Father’s Day plans to all who tweet, letting Christina know that her comments are null and void:

“My first “Fathers Day Brunch”…. Being put together by @thisisNIVEA!!! I’m seriously crunk about this!”

So everyone is choosing to settle their disputes via Twitter now?

Guess private one-on-one talks aren’t good enough anymore.


  1. So Christina is still salty huh? She needs to re-evaluate her dating choices because she stays losing when it comes to men. I’ll never forget when she dyed her hair blonde and started trying to be all “Beyonce” because she was dating the Oompa Loompa sellout douche bag. She’s just as wack as the men she dates. Let it go Christina!

  2. This girl is the ultimate fail in life. How do you get played by TWO corny mofos back to back? Nick Canon AND the Dream?? That’s why beauty means nothing without brains.

  3. It’s time for Christina to move on. I know it’s hurts and everything was just done so damn sloppy and play by play was slapped up on the blogs. But this is the life of a celeb now, so she has to put on her game face and go out and get hers. The Dream really doesn’t seem to have much to bring to the table besides his money, so she shouldn’t even waste the energy.

  4. I wish she would let this mess go! It’s over, he cheated with a sloppy bodied assistant and the world just keeps on turning. She is too pretty to still be worried about his pathetic tail. He showed the entire world has weak he is when he took up for Gwyneth Paltrow. That should have been the last confirmation to her that he wasn’t and still isn’t sh-t. Get your alimony and keep it moving.

    1. But why should she be the one to get over anything? She’s the victim?! I think she can take as long as she needs to. She got a divorce and to a lot of people that is devastating!

  5. I think some of you are being a little to harsh on Christina. Her husband cheated on her with his assistant. And she found at on the blogs like everyone else. Of course she is going to still be bitter about everything. Should she move on? Of course she should but it’s harder to move on when the whole public watched everything transpire.

    1. As much as I love the usual commentators on this site, I couldn’t get down with the shots being fired at Christina. Why do black women keep lashing out against the women who were wronged, instead of the men who wronged them? It’s kind of like blaming the female for the guy who cheated on you. It makes no sense. This site is a one for women right, so shouldn’t the attacks be for the Dream and not Christina? I really don’t get the cattiness ladies.

      1. Huh? I don’t think everyone was attacking her. We’re just brutally honest and we know she can do better in life. Christina is a beautiful woman, but she is known for dating the wrong men. She has a hard time moving on and she even took to long too move on from Nick Cannon who cheated on her (and turned around and became a family man with Mariah Carey). Every woman has the right to mourn the end of a relationship, but we have to understand that no one who wronged us deserves that much of our time. Life goes on, move forward always.

      2. I couldn’t agree more. I read through the comments was immediately disgusted. I don’t get why black women are so hard on one another. “If you dont have nothing nothing nice to say keep it to yourself”, I am not a fan of Christina, due to poor managment not on her part, but I do respect her and wish her the best!

  6. Call me odd, but my first thought wasn’t to place blame or take up for either of them.
    It’s a sad time when EVERYBODY takes to social networks to either see or be seen. Celebrities do it and so do average Joe’s. If anything, I feel for the children being raised by adults that have lost (or never had) the ability to communicate effectively and make sound decisions. Freedom of speech….freedom of tweets. My oh my how times have changed……..

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