The Girlfriend of the Miami Face Eater Says He is Not A Cannibal

The ex girlfriend of Rudy Eugene, the man shot and killed by Miami Police while he ate another man’s face, tells HLN’s Dr. Drew she did not see any signs that he could be violent.

By: A.J. Niles


The ex girlfriend of Rudy Eugene, the man that was shot and killed by Miami Police as he ate the face of a 65 year old man, appeared on Headline News and was interviewed by relationship expert Dr. Drew. During the interview aired on HLN, Yovanka Bryant, 27, tells Dr. Drew that Rudy was as much different person in their relationship.

“He was very sweet and very affectionate to me and my children. I don’t know of him being ever aggressive or anything to me. I can’t make sense of it … there [were] no warning signs whatsoever.”

Bryant also mentioned that they would read the Bible and Koran together, he was a great father figure to her children and only saw Eugene smoke Marijuana once. She was never aware of any other kinds of drug use involving Eugene.

Bryant hired celebrity attorney Gloria Allred to assist in showcasing another side of him, and to fight off various rumors that have surfaced since the incident.  Allred said during the interview with Dr. Drew:

“The only thing that may make sense is if, in fact, the toxicology report…comes back and says that somehow there was some kind of drug in his system that caused him to do what he did.”

Yvonka Bryant and Gloria Allred also held a press conference, which aired on WPTV and CBS Miami, dismissing the the rumors and allegations as well.

“This is a high-profile case and she wanted to truth to come out about Rudy Eugene. Jokes are being made about this issue on late-night television…but cannibalism is a serious issue and is very dangerous to the health and well-being of both the cannibal and the victim.

“It is very important that the social taboo and stigma that have long been attached to this subject continues and that society condemns cannibalism, rather that trivializing it or glamorizing it. Had she had any indication that Mr. Eugene could or would engage in an act of cannibalism she never would have allowed him around her three children.”



  1. I get that she’s still in shock about everything, but if a man eats another man’s face…he’s is definitely a cannibal. Uh. yeah.

  2. Wait…so there was ANOTHER girlfriend? SMH at this video. I guess she hired Gloria to fight for his reputation? She is very pretty btw.

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