Usher Says ‘Dance Central 3’ Will Give Men Swag

Usher admits to slaughtering ‘Dance Central 3’ moves and that it will give men swag.

By: Taren Vaughan

Usher Raymond is not just known for giving fans timeless tracks to rock to. But he is also known for his sick choreography that goes along with. And the creations that he comes up with are often imitated but never duplicated by his fans. They are in luck though. With the upcoming release of Xbox 360 game ‘Dance Central 3’, gamers will get their get their chance to polish up their skills, in the comfort of their own homes.

He recently told BANG Showbiz that the dances are not simple two step moves and even he doesn’t always remember them:

‘Of course I get my moves wrong. In the process of making it, you know I had to create moves that were harder, so those moves were a little bit more complicated, and the combination of all of them together sometimes does get a little bit hard.’

Difficult moves they may be, the 33-year-old singer thinks that fans will enjoy learning them, without the fear of being laughed at.

After his performance of ‘Scream’ at the Xbox 360 press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, he shares that the game will allow fans to truly get his moves down pat:

‘It’s my actual moves, so you’re learning my moves verbatim.

‘It’s really great to be able to teach people, without, fortunately, the embarrassment of being in front of an entire audience. Nowadays flash mob is fun, I think that it’s accurate movement for the youth, you know finding ways to keep them moving.’

Boosting your dance skills is not all the game will do. According to Usher, it will give those men who lacked it swag.

Maybe not swag, but ‘Dance Central 3’ players will definitely be right in the shoes of Mr. Raymond himself.


  1. Swag?? So does he really think dating old azz, tranny looking women takes “swag” to accomplish? Get the eff out of here Ursher.

  2. This isn’t a good look for Usher. Yeah I get he’s still getting work and opportunities, but I think the Tameka thing is really hurting his career. None of his singles are really taking off like he needs them to, and now you see him at the E3 performing for a video game and gushing over Justin Beiber in interviews? This is not a good sign of what’s to come.

  3. Swag? This little momma’s boy in a grown man’s body can’t even stay married. And he cheats on all the old bitties he dates. Let’s not confuse swag with arrogance and selfishness because there’s nothing “swaggy” about either. I don’t see the hype for Usher’s AVERAGE looking a–.

  4. I’m not feeling Usher after the way he’s been handling that custody case with Tameka. I can’t speak for everyone else, but he has definitely lost a fan in me. I can’t really support men who use the media to tear down a black woman. I don’t care how ghetto Tameka is, he has really revealed how much of a manipulator he is.

    1. Thank you! I wish the rest of these black women would open up their eyes and see Usher for the fraud he has always been. We have to stop attacking the black woman for the black man who steps out of his marriage and cheats. We back the wrong people too many times.

      1. Now let me stop you right there ma’am. I got love for you and everyone else here but let’s not make Tameka’s ghetto azz a victim. She is anything but that. She left her husband to be with Usher, and she acts like a fool on Twitter on a daily basis. Women don’t attack Usher because we can’t distinguish the innocent from the guilty. We just don’t like Tameka. And that should be completely understandable. So let’s not go there.

      2. I think yall missed the whole point Truth was trying to make. Tameka isn’t innocent, but Usher’s female fans have been totally disgusting about the whole situation. You people know this too. He needs to stop getting pass from he’s female fans period.

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