Amber Rose: Wiz Khalifa Wants To Have 12 Kids With Me

Amber Rose talks about her Twitter romance with Wiz Khalifa and starting a family with him, a huge one.

By: Taren Vaughan

Ever since they went public with it, people have questioned the realness behind Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa’s union. The instant romance that transpired between Kanye West’s ex-main squeeze and the “Black and Yellow” rap star didn’t come off as believable. Needless to say, that didn’t stop Wiz from popping the big question. The model’s latest comments however may have verified those thoughts of a phony relationship that many were having.

At this year’s MTV Movie Awards, Rose told Us Weekly where she first met her now fiancé. And it wasn’t through a close friend or at an after party:

“He did an interview about me and the guy who interviewed him asked, ‘If there was one girl in the world who would you be with?’ He said ‘Amber Rose,’ — and then I hit him on twitter, and I said, ‘That’s really cute’ and we fell in love!”

Cyber hook-ups always get the side-eye from me.

She goes on to toss out the “L” word again, claiming that Wiz is the love of her life:

“That’s my baby. He is my little angel. I love him.”

Didn’t take her long to get over Kanye we see…

A wedding date has not been set for the couple yet. But one thing is for sure: they do want to have children and start a family, a rather large one at that:

“He wants 12 kids!”

Khalifa confirmed that 12 may not be the magic number for them but he does want a large family with Rose.

Are you buying all this family and love talk from them?



  1. I’m going to have to say I disagree with the writer of this article. I honestly believe Amber Rose has genuine feelings for Wiz and she had genuine feelings for Kanye. I think we can be too hard on people because of how the blogs intentionally portray them. Amber Rose started off as a stripper, so are we just going to never let her move on from that? Everybody wants to be loved, even strippers. Now I do agree Amber is at the point where she will only date a certain type of man, but that is a choice she has every right to make. Just because she likes entertainers doesn’t mean she can’t genuinely fall in love with one. Just my 2 pennies.

  2. Amber seems like a cool chick. She could be faking it but I doubt it. She just seems way happier with Wiz than she was with Kanye. Chick wears want she wants to wear now and there’s no pressure to walk out the house looking like a model. What woman wouldn’t love a dude that allowed her to be herself?

  3. It’s genuine. Look at the body language in the video. I know she’s a former stripper and women are furious about her come up from meeting Kanye in a strip club, but despite what blogs say every relationship in Hollywood isn’t fake or for bearding purposes.

  4. I don’t buy this relationship. It may be real on Wiz’s end but Amber dates for status and to be taken care of financially. How do you mess around with lezbos and then become strictly heterosexual all of a sudden? She went from stripping in sh-tty clubs to dating rappers. You do the math.

  5. Damn women are too judgmental of one another. She was a stripper, so what?! She dated a few women before? So what! She was young and did foolish things just like the rest of us. I’m sure everyone has things in their past that they aren’t proud of but if she is genuinely happy (which she is), I don’t see a problem. Now I can see why Kim Kardashian gets dragged, but not Amber. Amber minds her own business and is nothing more than a “housewife” who models every now and then. I totally prefer her of Kim Kumbucket.

    1. Wow. So all it took was Kim Kardashian to get Kanye for Amber Rose to get some love now, huh? You know you used to drag Amber on blogs back in the day before Kimye like the rest of us. Don’t front. LMAO

      1. 1. “I totally prefer her of Kim Kumbucket.” (That should be OVER not OF.)
        2. @Hater I never joined the bandwagon and dragged Amber Rose on the blogs. She always seemed real sweet to me and always minded her own business. She also didn’t marry a man and leave him 72 days for a paycheck. A little stripping looks innocent compared to Kim’s entire resume from the last few years. And didn’t she break up 2 of Kanye’s relationships (Alexis and Amber). She’s trash and she makes Amber look like a saint. LOL

  6. How can anyone say that Amber moved on from Kanye fast? I guess I’m in the minority about relationships, but why should women take years to move on from ex boyfriends, but men can take a few days and no one says anything about it? I think it’s really unfair to expect Amber not to date for a while, and we know Kanye wasn’t woman-less in the least bit after they broke up. Come on now. We have to start being fair.

  7. Man please. I ain’t mad at Amber one bit. She’ smart and realized a while back that it’s better to be with a man that has his finances in order than one who doesn’t. Truth be told, a woman is supposed to be well taken care of. Working was supposed to be an option, not a requirement. Amber still works, but when she feels like it. And she’s doing what she loves, modeling. Props to Amber for figuring out the one thing most of us youngin’s haven’t by now.

    1. How are we losing exactly? Because not everyone wants to tear down a WOMAN who used to strip. Emphasis on a woman. It’s not necessary.

    2. Okay Vee chile you sound like there is a lot of hate built up in your heart. Release it and simmer down, and remember what I tell you today. My sister is a former stripper, and she’s also a college graduate, wife, and accountant. She stripped and paid her college tuition, and now in her new career she makes good money without owing Sallie Mae a damn thing. Was she proud of it? No. But she looked at it as a way to stay debt free and move on to bigger and better things. That is what Amber did and there’s no need to be so damn hateful to her. Former strippers who are smart end up doing better things. They don’t retire in the industry. There’s no need to hold your nose up at them if you don’t know their whole story. So stop.

  8. I think they are genuinely happy, while people still aren’t buying Kim and Kanye. And it’s really just because Kim just got broken off with a huge check for a72 day marriage. So everything she does at this point is questionable. But the fact that Amber left Kanye and got engaged right after is the perfect Karma. Meanwhile this whole Kim thing has people questioning Kanye’s entire mental state. lol

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