Black Woman Beats Up Two Store Clerks And Police For $15 Wig

A woman desperate to get away with a $15 wig beats up police and two store clerks while biting one of them as she was chased.

By: A.J. Niles


Feeling beautiful can lead people to do desperate things. This desperation is what may have occurred in New Haven, Conn. when Lowpel Davis was arrested after she decided that she wanted a wig and was not going to pay for it.

Lowpel entered the Sassy store, a place where many black women buy hair care products and wigs, owned by 70-year old father of Jongyol Lee. According to Jongyol, Sassy experiences a steady flow of would be shoplifters. However, when Lowepel attempted to leave the premises with a wig, that was on clearance for just $15, Jongyol and his father wanted to take a stand.

The two men followed Lowpel out of the store, confronted her and attempted to get their wig back. However, she did not back down without a valiant fight, which included kicking and biting.

Jongyol tells WTNH-TV in New Haven:

“When somebody is caught stealing like that usually they are shamed publicly, they drop it and leave. But in this case she continued on her way. [We followed her] the length of a full block and confronted her. She hit me on the right side of my face and knocked my glasses off. she just kept hitting me and smacking the back of my head… she kicked me a few times in my back.”

Eventually, police responded to the fight just as Lowpel was able to beat up  the store owner and his son, Jongyol. However, Lowpel, described as “crazy” by police, was able to fight off multiple officers for a while before being apprehended

According to WTNH-TV:

Davis appeared calm in court, and seemingly unaware of the anger she stirred.

Jongyol and his father got the wig back and are doing fine but sustained injuries, including a bite wound from Lowpel.



  1. How the hell did she manage to fight two store clerks and multiple police officers? I know it’s hard to find a good wig but damn. Was it worth it?

  2. So she went to jail and assaulted cops and store owners for a cheap azz 15$ wig that would have just made her look terrible anyway? I still haven’t see a wig that didn’t make the person wearing it look cheap. And this woman was willing to go to jail for one. I can’t with this today.

  3. Women kill me with these wigs. A wig does not mean you just stop taking care of your real hair. How does someone walk around all day with a new wig and their hair is completely tore up underneath it? Yes I know I’m off topic, but instead of stealing wigs, take care of your real hair! It is such a pet peeve of mine. I don’t get it. Any of it.

  4. it’s times like these all I can do is shake my head. Why are wigs/weaves so important that some of these black women will catch a charge? I know I’m not the only one who heard about the group that was going around robbing beauty stores for wigs and weaves all over Atlanta? It’s real out here for fake hair I see.

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