Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number…Or Is It?

Is a man ever too young or too old to steal your heart?

By: Taren Vaughan

A good man is not a person that you bump into on a daily basis. And you usually find him when you are not even looking for anything serious with anybody. He has all the things that you have been searching your whole life for. It almost seems like he is too good to be true at times. A real gentleman he is and knows how to treat you like the queen that you are. But there’s a slight problem with this wonderful person that you have grown so attached to. He is not quite on your level…Your age level that is.

For some women, this is not even considered a problem at all. The age of the men that they are in relationships with is irrelevant simply because of the fact that the men know how to handle themselves like mature adults, even if their ages don’t reflect it.

On the other hand, robbin’ the cradle or looking like somebody’s daughter instead of their girlfriend is not the look some females are going for. Women with this mindset, a man’s age can play a huge role in whether or not he stands a chance with her. And depending on how pressed she is about it, he may not even get her phone number let alone a relationship. Not everybody is trying to pull a page out of Vivica and Mariah’s book.

Does it ever come to a point where a man is just way too young or too old for you? When the age gap between you two is just down right ridiculous?

A few of our readers gave their take on how important the age of the man that they are dating is:

“Me personally, I don’t think there is an age limit when it comes to love. As hard as it is to find good men out here, I think us women should be a little more lenient when it comes to the age of the men that we date. I have dated men older than me and younger than me. And let me just say that the younger ones treated me much better and were much more mature than the older ones, surprisingly”

-LaTasha M.
Age: 39
Baton Rouge, LA

“Age matters to me when it comes to guys, simply because I know that women mature faster than men do and for me to date a man that is significantly younger than me would be backtracking in a sense. I normally date men my age or ones that are older than me. But trust me, I still have had issues with both”

-Angela G.
Age: 29
Newport News, VA

“A man can only be a few years younger or older than me. Anything past 5 or 6 years is a little too much for me”

-Yolanda L.
Age: 25
Charleston, SC

From these comments alone, it is obvious that we all have different opinions when it comes to the age of the men that we get involved with.

Some of us go after guys that are a lot younger than us, just for the thrill. It’s the “cougar” in some women that steers them towards the youngsters all the time. Then there are those that are looking to have a sugar daddy on their arm, buying them everything and spending crazy amounts of money on them. Forget the fact that this man is damn near old enough to be your father.

Why would a woman do this to herself? Get involved with a man that is nowhere near close to her age?

One thing we always forget is that love knows no age difference, even though we can clearly see it for ourselves. It’s hard to keep yourself from falling for a person just because your birth years don’t look good on paper beside each other.

But as love holds no age limit, exactly how old are we talking here?

A few years age difference is pretty harmless, even though it can be an instant turnoff for the picky people of the world. But when the age gap gets into the double digits, it can get quite interesting and hard to deal with. What if you want to have a family one day? In this scenario, age does matter; both yours and his. With something like that, it’s more about health factors than society’s approval than anything. There are a lot of things that should be considered when it comes to dating outside your age group. And I’m not even talking about the shallow ones. Ultimately when it comes down to it though, you just really have to know what you are getting yourself into. And know for sure that this is a man that you can see yourself happy with, whether he is a few years shy of you or not.


  1. I couldn’t date an older woman. They are just in a different frame of mind than me. And to me, it’s just creepy for someone to mess around with someone that is young enough to be their son/daughter/niece/nephew.

  2. I just came across this article. I am currently involved with a man younger than me. He is 22 and I am 17 years his senior. The sex is amazing! He matches my sexual energy, sparks me intellectually and unlike many young men his age, he is really doing well for himself. He is an engineer and is getting ready to buy a house in Charlotte. My ex-husband has nothing on my man in terms of his maturity and stature.

      1. I do not know what are in the stars for us but as of now, our relationship is merely a friendship/lover situation. I am a recent divorcee and he graduated from college about a year ago. We both are just living life and enjoying each other’s company. However, as our friendship grows, I am learning he is one amazing young man. regardless of what happens, I will always be there for him.

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