Bow Wow Responds To Raz-B’s Gay Accusations in New Book

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After Chris Brown threatened to sue Raz-B for initiating gay rumors in his upcoming book, Bow Wow finally breaks his silence and answers the allegations.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As Raz-B, former band boy member of B2K, preps the press with dirty “revelations” of some of the most popular heartthrobs in R&B and Hip-Hop’s past and present, artists are slowly beginning to speak out against the young singer’s accusations regarding their sexuality. Chris Brown took to Twitter to warn Raz-B of impending lawsuits that he would be sure to file if Raz-B went forward with releasing the rumors about the singer, and IMx front-man Marques Houston finally addressed the rumors during a recent interview he did to promote his latest shot at the box office. Throughout of all this, Bow Wow, who was accused of having a sexual relationship with B2K rapper Lil’ Fizz in the book, remained silent. This only fueled the rumors more as fans wondered why the young rapper did nothing to dispute the claims publicly.

In a recent interview with KDAY 93.5, Bow Wow finally addressed the gay rumors suggested by former friend Raz-B:

“My response is to laugh. That’s crazy. Homie just really reaching. It’s unfortunate watching him headlining arena tours to fast forward to now. It’s sad. You fall off so hard that you have to rely on assassinating people’s characters? If that’s what he got to do in order to eat…”

The newly signed Cash Money rapper also dished on his alleged relationship with black socialite and reality television star, Angela Simmons. The two have been rumored to have had a serious on and off relationship for the last few years, after his very public spit with singer Ciara :

“I was never ever with her [Angela]… We always was cool… You can’t go out for brunch without someone saying you’re together… That’s my homie.”

While the celebrities affected by Raz-B’s allegations continue to speak out against his claims, the controversial former B2K band member continues to tour in China, while simultaneously sending the media copies of the upcoming tell all book’s press release and alleged naked photos of Chris Brown and his rumored lover.


  1. So why is it that NOBODY ever wants to claim Angela Simmons? This is a serious question here. Everyone always denies being in a relationship with her but didn’t Bow Wow say not too long ago that he smashed her? Is that all they want to do with her? I don’t understand.

    1. Angela appears to kind of get around. She’s a cute girl but she’s around too many fine wealthy men to not go out and here and do her. She just needs to be really careful because as sexist as society is, when she is ready to settle down, it will be hard to find a dude to oblige because her reputation is sketchy.

    2. Yes that is all they want to do with her. If what I see on the blogs has any truth, Angela and her sister are both known to sleep around. They are daughters to a preacher, so I guess it makes sense to a certain extent.

  2. I don’t put anything past anyone. He can deny it all he wants but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. And yes, he definitely said in a radio interview that he smashed Angela Simmons. So I guess he just smashed occasionally and kept it moving or if Raz is right, maybe she beards for additional income and blog time. Anything is possible in Hollywood.

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