Basketball Wives’ Royce Reed Confirms She And Dezmon Briscoe Are Over

Contrary from what was just revealed on the Basketball Wives Reunion for the fourth season. Royce admits that she and Dezmon Briscoe have gone their separate ways.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The fourth season of Basketball Wives has been nothing short of epic in the ultimate display of trashiness. From the constant displays of senseless violence between former friends to old and new cast-mates, this season has been so dramatic, that most of the cast-members of the show have been forced to resort to their Twitter accounts to set the record straight on many questionable moments.

Royce Reed, who actually did not join the rest of the ladies in senseless physical altercations this season, still managed to find a way to keep everyone talking about her personal life. Since the beginning of the Basketball Wives franchise, Royce has always had a man. Although none of the relationships or the romances seem to last longer than one season, Royce just refused to give up on dating and concentrating her efforts on motherhood and a nasty child custody battle with ex-boyfriend and NBA superstar Dwight Howard.

Royce’s addiction to relationships and naive mentality to romance not only irritates fans of the Basketball Wives franchise, but it is also an issue that has put a wedge between her and her father. He preferred that Royce would end her quest for love and focus her efforts on raising her young son. But since her relationship with football player Dezmon Briscoe became serious too quickly, Royce found it hard to walk away. Even a nasty situation, groupies and the entire nasty Twitter universe did not seem to give her a ticket to exit out of the relationship.

But one day after part 2 of the Basketball Reunion Special was aired, Royce came clean on Twitter and admitted that she did change her mind about her relationship with Dezmon:


I guess Royce finally realized that those text messages were not fake after all.



  1. Glad she got herself out of that one. Not every woman that tells you something about your man is jealous. Pay attention ladies.

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