Waka Flocka Flame: Jay-Z and Rick Ross Owe Me Their Careers

Waka Flocka Flame charges rappers with style-bitin’ and wants his props for their new found sound.

By: Taren Vaughan

Steadily dropping songs that keep the clubs crunk, Waka Flocka Flame has found a way to remain a hot topic in an industry that is hard to survive in. And it’s definitely a hard thing to do when people are jacking your flow and style left and right, something that Waka claims to know first hand.

He told Complex in an interview that he was going HAM long before Jigga and ‘Ye and if he was lame for using the word, so were they :

“What are y’all gonna say now?” “Jay-Z stupid as hell? My sound is wack? You gonna say that? They love the sound. They can’t run away from it. That shit re-sparked n*ggas’ careers. My sound put life into a lot of people’s careers. I feel like my sound changed hip-hop. Period. It’s crazy when I came out with it everybody laughed at it, but the next year everybody’s doing it. They getting credit for the sh*t you started. You be like, ‘D*mn, how is this n*gga a genius for doing something I started?'”

Ricky Rozay was the next artist in line to be called out for style-jackin’:

“That’s crazy,” “But what you gonna say? This n*gga [Rick Ross] out here making 30 f*cking sounds with your sound. He watering it down, just putting words together that sounded good. Shit would be harder if it was the truth.”

And he let it be known that imitators most definitely get under his skin:

“That sh*t made me tight,” “N*ggas built labels off our sound–like, literally. You know how many n*ggas sound like Lex Luger and Southside? I go in n*ggas’ studios, all their beats sound like my producers. I be like, ‘What the f*ck?’

As Waka is coming down hard on MMG and the Roc, he too took  a page out of another artist’s book with his debut album back in 2010:

Flockaveli is the name of my album,” “I was definitely inspired by Pac a while lot growing up, so people are definitely going to get to know me on a personal level…

Should Waka Flocka Flame receive any ounce of credit for re-launching rappers’  careers?



  1. But he’s kind of right though. N*ggas In Paris was a borrowed sound similar to Waka. I’ve even heard verses from Jay-Z where he stole Project Pat’s signature flow. Look these up north rappers steal from the south all the time because that’s what sells. They should give credit but to admit that they look to the south for inspiration is something their egos won’t let them do.

  2. Let’s stopping sleeping on the influence of Southern Hip Hop. Atlanta is the Hip Hop capital, so if Kanye and Jay-Z want to sell, they have to replicate the “it” sound to some extent. But there has been plenty talent to come out of the south, so please don’t act like Waka Flocka is all we have. LOL!

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