Kanye West: I’ve Been Waiting All My Life For Kim

Kanye West wants to marry Kim Kardashian

Source says that Kim Kardashian is the girl of Kanye’s dreams and he is more than ready to put a ring on that hand and knock her up.

By: Taren Vaughan

The Kim and Kanye relationship has been the topic of conversation amongst those who continue to think it is a load of BS, even though the couple has claimed that it is nothing close to a publicity stunt. Tweeting Instagram pics of them rockin’ “His and Her” Nike Air Yeezy II sneakers topped with Kim’s purchasing of a $750,000 ride for her man’s birthday, the two are attempting to kick their public display of affection into overdrive, pulling out every thing that they can to earn their place as a creditable celebrity couple.

Kanye and Kim in His and Her Air Yeezy II's

And sources reveal that what we are seeing is nothing but pure love:

A friend of West told Us Weekly that Kim is the girl that Kanye has been dreaming of:

 “He waited for Kim,” “He knows they’re meant to be.”

Kanye’s ex Amber Rose is soon to be on her way to the alter with rap star Wiz Khalifa. Now the “smitten” Kanye is talking about marrying his new boo.

And whenever ‘Ye decides to ask for her hand in marriage, Kim is down for it:

According to sources, “They’re seriously talking marriage. And yes, she would [accept his proposal].”

Kids included:

“Kanye says he can’t wait to see her carrying his child. He says she will look beautiful pregnant.”

Looks like Kanye West is on his way to becoming Husband # 3.

One slight problem with that ‘Ye…the chick is still married.

When will the shenanigans end?









  1. Yes they are meant to be together. They’re both incredibly selfish and egotistical people who need attention and shiny things. This should either work out very well or end very badly.

  2. All your life? What happened to that one woman he was dating while he was recording College Dropout? She was a quality woman.

  3. H-es stay winning. Man these dudes will wait their whole lives for women who pass the cooch around like candy. Guess I need to start h-eing.

  4. That picture in the post is perfect because it tells the full story. Kanye is so happy to be with a woman who has been run through so many times that professional athletes are laughing at this dude. Kim gets the last laugh because she knows only rich and dumb black men would date her, and he’s keeping her relevant. Kim is the only winner here and she knows it.

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