Battle of The Love Songs: “Let’s Get Married” vs. “Happily Ever After”

Which R&B love song steals your heart and is guaranteed a spot on your wedding day playlist?

By: Taren Vaughan

The love songs of the late ‘90’s were truly tracks that will never lose their fire. Nothing like the raunchy trash that our ears are subjected to nowadays, artists of that time really made you want to fall in love and find that special someone to walk down the aisle with. And when it comes to those who did them the most justice, two names come to mind. Gone for a minute but surely not forgotten, both Case and Jagged Edge have laced many of tracks with romance-driven lyrics, earning them a spot on numerous wedding reception playlists.

Making his debut with “Touch Me, Tease Me” featuring Foxy Brown and “The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul” Mary J. Blige, Case slowed it down a bit and unleashed his romantic side with “Happily Ever After”. And not only was the song a hit, the video that went along with it featured young Beyonce’ Knowles as the bride-to-be. More love songs followed from Case but none could compare to this one.

While Case was a one-man show, So So Def’s Jagged Edge damn near based their career on wooing the ladies with all their lyrical love and affection. Come to think of it, that’s just about all they made, with the exception of a few party tracks here and there. Out of all the ones that they put out though, “Let’s Get Married” was one that earned them much praise and airplay.

So if you were down to the very last slot on your playlist, who would win you over? Case or J.E.?


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  1. CASE!!!! Hands down!!!!!! LOL J.E. definitely has their share of beautiful love songs that i’m sure would win me over, but maaaaaaaan; Case did his thing with “Happily Ever After.”

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