Gossip: Did Chris Brown & Drake Get Into a Fight Last Night?!

Chris Brown and Drake were apparently in a bar fight with one another late last night in New York City. The two have been rumored to be at odds over their relationships with Rihanna.

By: A.J. Niles


Things finally seem to have reached an ugly climax last night in New york City in the Chris Brown and Rihanna saga as Both Chris Brown, Drake apparently were involved in a physical altercation last night. The supposed altercation left Chris Brown with a gash on his face.

According to EntertainmentWise.com:

It is known that the pair have had a difficult relationship since Chris assaulted Rihanna in 2009, while the website claims that the ‘S&M’ singer actually cheated on Chris with Drake – however, that is unconfirmed.

Reports suggest that Brown tried to heal the rift between the two rappers by sending over a bottle of champagne to Drake’s table.

Drake is clearly not a fan of Brown as witnesses say he sent the bottle back to Chris with a message along the lines of, “I’m f*ckng the love of your life [Rihanna], deal with it.”

As the fight broke out, people took to their Twitter accounts to give he play-by-play.

@ManeJay: Omg drake n Chris brown just brawled

@jtm_mostwanted: Chris brown wasn’t playin. Rihanna pussy must b crazy.”

@chrisbrown: ****** hiding in the bathroom bitch ass ******!

@KDotForbes: Damn! Breezy Meek and Drake caused mayhem in WIP. Dime pieces bleeding and all that.

@_GO_Cinderella: Chris and drake are throwing bottles at each other, there’s broken glass everywhere.

After the altercation, Chris Brown took to his Twitter and Instagram accounts to post a picture of his wounds from the fight.





  1. Rihanna’s cooch must have diamonds in it for dudes to toss bottles at each other in the club. But I thought she was too much of a tramp for them to care about, right? Womp Womp.

  2. So I wake up and see this foolishness pop up on my timeline. I cannot believe for the life of me why they are fighting supposedly over a woman like Rihanna. I bet Jay-Z is somewhere laughing right now.

  3. Y’all at it early today! Yes! LMBO! But yeah, the gossip about this is insane. I guess there is truth to Chris Brown and Rihanna still hooking up on the side. So I guess his lil girlfriend is just a cover up for the public?

  4. Drake talks a lot of s-it. People just don’t know how wack dude is in real life. That’s why Common punched him in the face backstage. You know you’re messy when even Common wants to fight you.

  5. Why does Chris Brown even have a girlfriend right now? It’s obvious where his heart is. Karaku or whatever her name is seems to be wasting her time. She’s too fly for this mess.

    1. I don’t even knot why y’all are trippin. Rihanna is know. To be lose and Chris is a punk for obsessing over the chick. OVOXO.

  6. That was low down of Drake. I guess he feels like a thug because he hangs around them now. He was on DeGrassi playing a handicap kid and grew up in Canada. Please sit down.

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