Ice-T: Rap Music Made White People Vote For President Obama

After calling Nicki Minaj Busta Rhymes, Ice-T now says that if it weren’t for rap music, white people wouldn’t have given Barack Obama a chance.

By: Taren Vaughan

Barely 24 hours ago, Rapper/actor Ice-T shared his thoughts on Nicki Minaj and her animated flow, comparing her to Hip-Hop veteran Busta Rhymes. While some people thought he hit the nail on the head with his conclusion about the two rap stars, others thought that he must have been on some stuff to even let those words come out of his mouth.

Did that stop him from voicing his opinion again? Please.

Wednesday on the Today show, Ice-T dropped his political knowledge on us, schooling viewers on the real reason why President Barack Obama was elected as the first Black president of the United States. And it had nothing to do with his heart-felt speeches and million-dollar campaigns that he and his loyal supporters were doing. The true credit goes to rap music:

“[Rap] put Barack Obama in the presidency. If it wasn’t for rap, white people wouldn’t have been so open to vote for somebody like Barack Obama.”

His intelligence and charm alone wasn’t enough to earn him their votes. Rap music gave them that extra push according to Law & Order: SVU star.

Ice-T goes on to say that Hip-Hop broke down the barriers that stood between minorities and whites, and exposed white people to things that they didn’t know before. Once this was done, Barack Obama’s election was in the bag:

“That had to happen after their eyes were opened up, and hip-hop was what brought us together. Hip-hop’s what took down a lot of those boundaries. Music did that.”

Is this theory of his valid or is this strike number two for him?


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