Kanye West’s Hollywood Crib Gets Hit Amidst Twitter Scandal

Kanye West’s Hollywood Hills home got broken into after being accused of tweeting a nude pic of Kim Kardashian.

By: Taren Vaughan

As if Kanye West wasn’t involved in enough mess yesterday with the alleged naked twit pic of girlfriend Kim Kardashian circulating, now he has to deal with a broken home, literally.

Overseas on tour, West was hit with a rude awakening concerning his property back in the states.

Wednesday night, police reported that the “Watch The Throne” rapper’s Hollywood Hills mansion was broken into. Although reported on Wednesday, the burglars may have done their dirty work the day before. Thus far, it appears that nothing of value was taken off the premise as of yet, this whole ordeal just added to the not so good week that West is already having.

As for the Twitter fiasco, Kanye still holds on to his innocence, saying that he hadn’t been near his account that day. A West rep says that somebody out there has way too much time on their hands and is using Yeezy as a way to get the media stirred up:

“This phantom tweet never occurred on his account,”

“This is obviously the desperate, sad act of someone seeking to gain media exposure by exploiting Kanye’s notoriety. Kanye doesn’t even know this person,”

When all else fails, blame a mystery person for hacking your account or creating one with your name attached to it.

Damn, Kanye can’t catch a break this week.



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