Shots Fired: Rapper Cam’ron Goes In on Jay-Z Hard on Instagram

Cam’ron uses Instagram to fire shots at Jay-Z late last night. Apparently, the beef between the two is not fading away anytime soon.

By: A.J.Niles


Cam’ron and Jay-Z have a checkered past with one another. The beef between the two rappers goes back years. MTV released a documented history of the beef going back to the 90’s when Jay-Z was arrested placed on trial for the stabbing of Lance “Un” Rivera over bootlegging allegations.

However, things did not escalate between the two until around 2002, when their mutual childhood friend Dame Dash signed Cam’ron and Dipset Records to Roc-A-Fella in 2001. A short time before Jay-Z left Roc-A-Fella, Dame Dash named Cam’ron to a VP position at the label; A move which Cam’ron claims Jay-Z eventually vetoed. Cam’ron also claims that Jay-Z bought a Kanye West beat in 2001 (H To The Izzo) after Kanye played the beat for Cam first.

Over the following years, the two threw subliminal, and not-so subliminal jabs back and forth and after last night, apparently Cam’ron intends to never let the beef die.

Cam’ron used his Instagram account to throw the latest shot in this long-standing feud:

As soon as Cam’ron posted the photo with the caption quoting a line from N***as in Paris, his fans joined in the roasting session of Jay’s outfit.

I guess Cam’ron and his fans do not like Jay-Z’s clothing selection of slim fit jeans and Timberland boots worn with a jacket and scarf.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with Cam or does he just need to go sit down somewhere?



  1. Sigh… And when is Cam’ron’salbum dropping? And didn’t he start the pink t shirt trend? Pretty gangstalicious if u ask me.

  2. This is so lame… When have we last heard of Cam’ron? Oh yeah… he’s recording iPhone videos of trashy skanks showing their goodies in a Harlem grocery store. Get a life!

  3. I guarantee you Jay-Z isn’t phased that Camron hates his style of dress. He’s filthy rich and still relevant after being in the game for over a decade. Jealousy looks worst on men than skinny jeans do. Get yours Cam.

  4. Well I mean, Jay Z DID say “can’t wear skinny jeans ’cause my knots won’t fit…” LOL maybe he got neutered…. *shrug*

  5. When Cam’Ron can count the same stacks a Jay then he can have somethin to say. Until then “Have a stadium full of seats” in my Tamar Braxton voice!

  6. Funny to me how only women take up for j z ,im in the west coast and you only here chicc playing that fool .any man and i mean any man that wears skinny jeans is a b-tch,

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