Gossip: Chris Brown’s Entourage Drags Drake Post Bar Brawl

A member of Chris Brown’s camp goes after Drake, attacking his mic skills and looks.

By: Taren Vaughan

The Chris Brown-Drake bar fight has been plastered on every media source imaginable, accompanied by a picture of Brown’s bloody, busted chin, one that he received from a flying bottle. And the news of the supposed fight that occurred between these two has yet to die down, even with Drake’s persistent denying of ever being involved in the incident. Drake’s claims however didn’t stop Breezy’s camp from slaughtering him in honor of Chris.

A member of Brown’s entourage left HollywoodLife.com with a few unkind words about the Young Money protégé of Lil’ Wayne, calling him a s-t starter on the come up:

“[Drake’s] a young, little…up and coming artist who’s trying to start sh*t with Chris, who’s hella established in the game.”

And according to them, he can’t hang with an artist of Brown’s caliber and needs to tighten up his rap skills:

“He needs to get in the studio to up his game, not try to fight…with heavyweights like Chris.”

The source goes on to say that Rih Rih is not checking for him and his one hit wonder self:

 “Drake and his people need to chill and push back. Rihanna don’t want his ugly a**, and he can’t even rap. He has one, just one, hit song. Chris has hundreds. There’s just no comparison.”

Wonder what Rihanna has to say about all this.

I’m sure this isn’t the last of the crew commentary concerning this altercation. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg.



  1. Oh please. Both of these little boys make terrible music. I can’t even tolerate Chris Brown’ music in the car longer than 5 seconds. It sound like a cat in heat, with a deaf person banging cymbals in the background. And Drake is one of the most overrated rappers I’ve seen in the game in a long time. The way he shakes his hand while he raps tells me all I need to know about him. I mean ALL I need to know.

  2. I need to understand what is so great about Rihanna that it’s causing all this drama between all these people? She’s average looking without her makeup, so is it the sex? I mean they all played her on Twitter so why are they beefing over her? I need answers.

  3. I’m not saying Chris Brown is innocent here, but why did Drake even take it there? Why bring up Rihanna after Chris sent over a bottle of wine to your table? Drake just sounds like a douche bag. At this point, I don’t even understand why he’s so popular. He seems like a jerk and he’s really not even that great of a rapper. I hope Chris presses charges and pursues legal action.

  4. This whole situation is horrid and I am embarrassed for all of them. You are filthy rich for absolutely nothing but making crappy music and you STILL fight in the club? I can’t.

  5. Somebody has a little bit too much time on their hands and they may also be a bit delusional. Neither are that great of artists. This whole thing has gotten dumber and I didn’t think that was possible.

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