Terrence J: I Don’t Want Chris Brown And Drake To End Up Dead

Music show host says he doesn’t want to see another ending like the one from the Biggie and Tupac beef.

By: Taren Vaughan

Co-hosting on BET’s 106 & Park going on seven years now, Terrence J. is a natural when it comes to his job, which will be undergoing a major change soon here. Getting the chance to sit and chat face to face with all kinds of celebrities, bickering back and forth with Rocsi on the regular and being given the task of keeping a crowd of youngsters going non-stop, the fun probably never ends for him.

During this last episode however, all jokes ceased momentarily. Terrence took a moment on yesterday’s airing of the show to address the bar fight that went down involving Chris Brown and Drake in a more serious manner.

As he spoke on what happened, a dated picture of the late Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur was shown on the screen behind him. He added in that he doesn’t want to see anything go down between Chris and Drake that mirrors the events from the Biggie and Tupac beef. Praising both artists for their talents, he said he just doesn’t want to see them lose their lives over foolishness. Terrence even offered up the 106 & Park set as a place for Chris Brown and Drake to hash out their differences and squash the beef before anything got way too serious.

The animosity that surfaced from the Pac and Big beef was beyond crazy. It had people from opposite sides of the country pure hating each other. And as far as Tupac was concerned, everybody associated with Biggie was a target for diss records and vicious slander. And when it was all said and done, two incredible talents were lost. Just seeing how that story unfolded, Terrence J. made it a point to say his piece.

As many people are finding humor in this situation, I think it could be agreed that music beefs should stay in the studio and not resort to violence.

Do you think this feud has the potential to escalate? Or will it fizzle out before things get any uglier?


  1. I hope I don’t come off like a c-nt but umm, he’s really reaching here. Neither Chris (the woman beater) nor Drake (the wheelchair kid from DeGrassi) are thugs. It will never come down to someone getting shot or being killed. As you can see, they did the b-tch thing and threw bottles and hid in bathrooms instead. It won’t go any further than this.

  2. I see those acting classes Terrance is taking are working out for him because he was acting real DRAMATIC last night about a club fight between two sissies.

  3. Big and Pac were real thugs. Real thugs don’t throw bottles. The fight was senseless but I doubt it will get any worse than what has already happened. Neither is bout that life.

  4. I’m all for non-violence, but childish people with money do things like fight behind their bodyguards in the club. And occasionally, they throw bottles. I don’t really see anyone dying from this.

  5. I still do not understand why these guys, and their security details would fight over a woman that they are not dating? Very lame in my opinion.

  6. People are so quick to bring up Tupac and Biggie but the reality of it all is there hasn’t been real dudes like that since their passing. Even Nas proved himself to be a sellout the other day with that whole Gwyneth Paltrow thing. So I can assure Terrence he has nothing to worry about. Chris and Drake won’t take it to that level.

  7. Call me crazy but I actually agree with him and understand where he’s coming from. I don’t think he’s insinuating that Drake and/or Chris Brown would personally intend to hurt/kill one another. However, fans and cliques are crazy! When there is a beef it doesn’t matter how minor we “think” it is, there is always some nut that would escalate things to illustrate “loyalty” and contribute to their credibility (for whomever they feel the need to impress). To say that Biggie and Pac were “thugs” to validate or explain the conclusion to that beef is ignorant to me. While those cases are still unresolved, I don’t think Pac fired the shots that killed Biggie and vice versa. It wasn’t their lifestyle that got them killed… I could give two peas about how soft people think Chris Brown and Drake are as individuals. We have no idea who they roll with or how psychotic their fans are. So I agree. This needs to be resolved sooner than later.

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