Gossip: Is Rapper Azealia Banks Smashing Her New Manager?

azealia banks sleeping with manager

It’s been a crazy couple of months for female rap newbie Azealia Banks. From an awkward Twitter departure and return to a rap beef with a legend, Ms. Banks continues to stay in the press as new reports claim she’s made a lover out of her new 40 something manager.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Azealia Banks has had an interesting couple of months as a newbie female emcee. Just after she’s become an urban blog regular, she’s already beefed and squashed it with Hip Hop legend Lil’ Kim, made good with female rap’s current leading lady Nicki Minaj, quit Twitter and returned, fired her old manager (and allegedly the rap game for 5 days),  and now there’s reports that she might be dating her new one. Some might view the busy-bodiness of the new artist as nothing short of publicity stunts to keep her in the press and on the mainstream urban gossip blogs, but it’s becoming pretty clear that Banks might have just as an explosive personality and life as her recent headlines read.

Formerly managed by Troy Carter, who also currently manages Pop sensation Lady Gaga, it has been reported by sources that she has axed the professional relationship, in exchange for a new one with new manager Dave Holmes. While it is not yet clear why Banks ditched Carter for Holmes, some whispers suggest the young female rapper began to suspect Carter’s involvement in the recent headlines regarding the artist and her recent “departure from rap” (which she later denied on her Tumblr page). Once the star began to suspect that Troy Carter was feeding bogus stories to the press to keep her relevant, she axed all ties with the manager.

But the NY Daily News reports that her relationship with Dave Holmes is anything but strictly professional:

Sources close to the situation tell us the 21-year-old Harlem-born rapper has split with Lady Gaga ’s powerful manager, Troy Carter , after less than two months in his stable, and is now repped by Dave Holmes , who’s doing double duty as Banks’ boyfriend.

The insiders say the rising hip-hop star has been in a relationship with Holmes, who’s in his 40s, for months.

Indeed, one of those sources says Holmes introduced Banks to Carter, who has worked with rappers Nellie and Eve in the past.

While the speculation has been yet to be confirmed by Banks or her new manager, the female rapper has made her return back to Twitter, after abruptly deactivating her account and blaming the light skin bias of Hip Hop as a reason for her disgust with the current state of the industry.

I know what it is…the MEN in the rap game prefer light skin… and that’s cool, i like light skin too.. but i’m not here to be sexy.. and i’m not here looking for a date. I’m not even really here for the men. (#lesbihonest) I’m a Young Black American Woman in 2012. I’m a 21-yr-old millionaire. i don’t have to prove myself to anyone….I’ve already paid my dues. I and the generations of women who came before me have been through enough stress and crap to warrant me (the new generation) a very illustrious, lucrative, luxurious, STRESS-FREE career & life. and just that’s it! Azealia Banks just wants to be free! free from social media.. free from the rap game.. free from the haters, and free from the ignorance! [sic]” (Azealia Banks’ Twitter)


  1. I like this chick but how are you going to go on a rant about how you’re not a sex symbol or here looking for peen and you then turn around to get it crackin with your manager? Come on son.

  2. Don’t they all though? Either it’s the manager or their “mentor.” But in Nicki’s case, it’s her “hypeman.” Everybody screws everybody in that business. Whatever.

  3. No!!! I like her!!! I hope she’s not smashing a 40 year old man that supposed to be managing her. And she’s young as hell, is she even 21 yet?

  4. Why do beautiful chocolate skinned women pull the “lightskin” card. That’s like Kelly Rowland complaining about not being light skin. She’s gorgeous and it doesn’t even matter. I don’t get it.

  5. She’s actually pretty decent. She probably should have kept Gaga’s manager because he gets how the media works. Stay in the press, and you will have longevity. Look at Beyonce. Think it has nothing to do with that? Look at Ashanti.

  6. Watched the video. I became bored in 5 seconds. Must every female rap about their coochies and blow job skills? It’s so tired.

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