Rapper Azealia Banks: Lil’ Kim is a Joke and No Longer Legendary

azealia banks lil kim beef

Just when everyone thought the beef between Hip Hop legend Lil’ Kim and Azealia had ended, newbie Azealia Banks takes even more shots in a recent interview.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

New and upcoming female rapping sensation Azealia Banks has proven herself to be quite feisty. Fresh on the Hip Hop scene, she’s already retired from rap and made a comeback, and she’s already had two major beefs with two other female rappers; one including Hip Hop legend Lil’ Kim, and the other including fellow newcomer and TI’s protege, Iggy Azalea. Although the reasons behind the controversy involving her falling out with Lil’ Kim continue to be sketchy as both sides claim different origins, Banks seemed to lay off of the veteran female rapper until her most recent interview. Rather the remarks were made for headline purposes may be debatable, but Azealia makes some points that most critics of Lil’ Kim have echoed before Azealia made a splash as a budding female emcee.

In a recent interview and Twitter chat with Women of Hip Hop, Banks said the following when asked about her true feelings for Lil’ Kim:

“I just wish she would just hurry up and be legendary again…She’s better then pay pal mixtapes and useless press. I had nothing but honest and positive intentions when I approached her. Her and her team were nothing but confusing and shady. THEY released a press release about ‘beef’ … Not Me. It’s just weird cuz [sic] she tried to pin me up against the wall when all I did was reach out and try to work. So now… it’s all a big Joke … because all she does is hate on other females to excuse her lack of productivity. Lil’ Kim isn’t even the fly innovator she used to be … let alone even half the artist she used to be. So it’s like your [sic] saying that girls are copying you..but your not even keeping up.But nooo [sic] she’d rather tour dingy clubs and keep her pride. So now everytime she says something about me, I’m going to very kindly remind her to get her s**t together.”

Kim may not have as much success as Nicki Minaj does currently, but one must admit she must be more relevant than Banks wants to admit, since she keeps talking about her in interviews.


  1. Why is she still talking about Kim? If she is such a joke and so pathetic, why must she bring her name up in every interview? Kim is still scary enough that all these young rap chicks need to keep talking about her for some reason. At least Nicki throws her shade without naming names. Azealia needs new talking points.

  2. Everything she said was true despite her attention seeking. Kim is washed up. She looks tacky on stage and her surgery is laughable at best. And where is her new music? Nicki slayed her entire legacy in two years and people just need to admit it. Kim was invented by Big and slayed by Nicki. #YallMad

    1. Finally somebody on here with some sense! They are mad because their “legend” is a has BEEN. Nicki will continue to keep them mad too. Idk about this Azealia chick but in the couple of vids I’ve seen she’s miles ahead of Kim.

  3. I think Azealia should work on her own legacy than speaking on Kim’s. I have never heard her songs on the radio and if it wasn’t for this site and a few others, I wouldn’t even have known she existed. Maybe she’s not targeted to me, but I don’t understand why she’s so cocky so soon.

  4. Something about this chick really annoys me. I think the new thing now is for female rappers to be very cartoon character like. I can’t even listen to this music longer than a few seconds.

  5. As much as people dont wanna admit it…Azealia has a point. Kim had her little hey day and she doesn’t know how to stay relevant anymore. Hell Kim doesn’t even write her own rhymes. She just needs to have a seat

  6. legacy? at least she has one.azelia should stay her lane and focus on even being recognized before she passes out advice to someone who hasnt put out music in a while and still can be relevant enough to be brought up in conversation.all azelia gets is…..whos azelia? and she has not been able to put enough of a mark for that to be answered.weak af

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