Shaunie O’Neal Goes In On Twitter: ‘Who’s Fired From Basketball Wives?’

shaunie oneal fired

Shaunie O’Neal is tired of people asking her who got fired on Basketball Wives. So stop asking.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The fourth season of Basketball Wives has been anything but anything but a classy one, as most of the cast has undergone much deserving criticisms for one of the most violent seasons yet. From the bottle tossing to heinous verbal attacks from the regular bullies of the cast to the more peaceful ones, the bulk of former supporters are now calling for Executive Producer and ring leader Shaunie O’Neal to pull the plug on the shenanigans that has left most African American women embarrassed. When the internet became crowded with online petitions and the more prominent of African American celebrities began to speak up and call for change, Shaunie’s back was eventually pushed to the wall like never before. Although the reunion ended on a peaceful note with the much needed makeup of once close friends Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams, Shaunie was still criticized for not doing enough to bring peace to the cast sooner. Although Shaunie has already signed on for another season of the reality television train-wreck, all of the cast-members are not a definite for next season.

In a recent interview with The Insider, Shaunie revealed that it is three cast-members she’d liked axed from the show to take the franchise into a more peaceful direction. While she did not name any names in the interview, reports surfaced on TMZ that claimed she had given Jennifer Williams, Royce Reed, and Kesha Nichols their walking papers from the show. The reports outraged critics and supporters alike, as the 3 most mature and non-violent of the cast were said to be given the boot for not being ratchet enough for ratings.

As we recently reported, Shaunie took to her Twitter account to deny any of the firings, but the majority of the urban gossip blogs continued to run with the reports despite Shaunie’s Twitter claims.

Apparently, this has made Shaunie extremely frustrated, as her latest tweet revealed she got into a pretty nasty spat with a disappointed fan on Twitter…and she kind of went in:

shaunie oneal fired jennifer williams royce reed kesha nichols

Looks like Shaunie can’t take the same negativity her trashy reality series churns out during each episode.


  1. Who does this former groupie think she is? She has no right to be annoyed when she caused this mess! She tries to come off so ladylike and fabulous but this chick was MARRIED when she starting messing with Shaq! She’s no better than Evelyn and that is why she rides so hard for her. Can’t stand this broad.

      1. Girl yes! And get this, her husband at the time was Shaq’s accountant! I heard she was married with a small child when she stated creeping with Shaq. Shaunie is the ultimate groupie and i wish people would stop falling for her little “classy act.”

        1. I can believe it. It takes a certain type of chick to date a professional athlete. I don’t put anything past any of them. I used to like Shaunie, but this whole BBW thing has made it hard for me to stomach her or the show anymore.

  2. Ugh! She is lying! She knows those 3 ladies are gone! And the truth will have to come out from her camp eventually. She never liked Royce, can’t stand Jen, and Kesha talks reckless about her in all her interviews. So I believe TMZ when they say these 3 are gone.

  3. This show is going to be the end to Shaunie’s little career. She looks so bad now that I don’t think there’s much that can salvage her image at this point. For her to consider herself such a business woman, she doesn’t make the best business choices.

  4. Can Shaunie really call anyone lame when:
    1. She still uses a Blackberry like it’s 2005.
    2. She’s a business owner, yet the only business we’ve ever heard of is her ratchet Basketball Wives series.
    3. Shaq’s upgrade from Shaunie was Hoopz. HOOPZ.

    1. She need to take a look at her show I think it’s become to trash tammey and evelyn are much and they are make her look bad. It’s time for her to put a stop to this. Her show need a new name she make basketball wives look bad whit tthem on it oh I guess she don’t care it’s about the money all the money she got I dare her to keep make black women look bad Any one who is a basketball. Real need to be mad at her she make us think u are trash women who married rich men are messed with a rich men I would real love to see a show were there back women married to a basketball payer and how nice its to be so blessed

  5. I hope this season u take a look at how you are make us black women look . I hope u take the top two no classy women off u can have a nice show whit out all the mess. What about your kids and black women linemen who look up to u . Please. Think about us your make a bad name for us people all ready think we are trash and u make show sit back and let this go on do u know how many women wish they was you and this all u got to show us. About us is to of the trash women u can find u can still make a hit show it’s time for u to take stand and stop this . I s till like u but come on deep in your heart you know this wrong

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