Four Female Victims Ready To Sue Over Chris Brown-Drake Fight

With new evidence emerging left and right in the Chris Brown-Drake bar fight incident, four female victims have threatened to sue over their injuries.

By: Taren Vaughan

Just last week, a nasty bar fight went down at Club WIP in New York  involving Singer Chris Brown and Rapper Drake. With Chris Brown displaying his chin gash and his bodyguard having to seek medical attention as well, the injured list seems to keep growing at a steady pace. This past Sunday, two more victims have come forward relaying their accounts of the nightclub brawl and are on the verge of suing.

And as Drake continues to hold on to his innocence, Model Ingrid Gutierrez claimed that he was indeed the culprit who initiated the rumble that left her with a head wound. However, she is more than willing to take legal action against any responsible party involved.

Gutierrez recalls to the New York Post that night and how everything started:

“They got up in his face and were giving him the middle finger….Chris told Drake to f*** off, and the next thing I heard was smashed glass and the bottles started flying at us.”

She supposedly was sitting at Brown’s table when Drake and his entourage approached him.

Alleged victim Lucy Pavlovsky, who had to get 12 stitches in her arm, said that justice will be sought “regardless of fame, money or stature.”

Australian tourist Hollie C. and a woman by the name of Veronica are the two latest victims that have come forward.

It was reported that Chris Brown has been questioned about the incident by the NYPD but Drake has yet to discuss anything with them. NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said that although police want to discuss the matter with Drake, he thus far has no intentions of turning himself in.




  1. I saw the face of the model who got hit and she looked terrible. It’s messed up that no one even considered the safety of the women around them at the time. It just shows what kind of people Drake and Chris are.

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