Discussion: What Did You Think of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta?

love and hip hot atlanta cast review

After the premiere of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, will you keep watching?

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It has been 24 hours since the second installment of Love And Hip Hop premiered on VH1. And it’s clear that Love And Hip Hop Atlanta could possibly be another season that will keep everyone talking and the urban gossip blogs preoccupied with the ratchetness that is the real background story of the cast. So far one of the cast-members has been singled out as a man turned woman, another a too desperate baby momma, while another has painted a dark portrait of what seemed like a perfect marriage and a damn near flawless husband. At this point, there isn’t anything else that could be more shocking than what we have learned in the last few hours…yet.

As the speculation continues about the real story behind every cast-member, have you made up in your mind rather or not this season is worth a watch? Will you be tuning in every week to see what direction the season ends up? Who is the most ratchet of the cast-members? Who are you rooting for and why?

Do you have any dirt on anyone on the show that you want to expose?

And most importantly, whose ass would you kick if you ran into them on the street? I have a feeling that question is a little too easy…

Speak on it.


  1. I thought the show was too scripted like. It just did not seem real and I can’t really seem to care about anyone on the show. I think the only person I could see myself liking is K. Michelle. I think she is the only interesting one and I can see her bringing a lot to the show.

  2. I honestly can’t stand Stevie J. and Mimi. Their whole storyline bothers me and just confirms how much women are willing to settle just to say they have a man. She is honestly worse than Chrissy, and I didn’t think anyone could be. Chrissy got a ring but I can’t see Mimi getting that far with Stevie J.

    1. Mimi is doing what she got to do to keep her family together. It ain’t her fault Stevie J can’t keep his ding-a-ling in his pants.

  3. Thank you for this! First of all, Mimi is wack for putting up with Stevie J’s tired behind. He hasn’t produced a hit in years. Every scene that these two are in bothers me and I can’t stand Joseline’s manufactured azz longer than 5 seconds. She looks so much like a man that everyone is starting to think she is! And Stevie must be gay to be attracted to such a hard faced looking woman. Rasheeda is BORING. And I swear she’s been trying to get on in the rap game for 20 years. Just sad. She’s beautiful but sad. K. Michelle is already my favorite and I am starting to believe her 100% when she says that Toya’s husband whooped her ass and stole her money. Nobody else is worth talking about.

    1. The funny thing is there are rumors that Stevie J. Is on the downlow…looking at Joseline or whatever her name is makes me wonder…

    1. Basically she had a very nasty break up with Scrappy. So nasty that Scrappy’s momma would whoop her azz on sight. Apparently she cheated on Scrappy for Souljah Boy.

      1. Diamond should have done the show. She needed that exposure. She shouldn’t have let Scrappy and his momma scare her from the opportunity to become a household name. She will regret it.

  4. Scrappy’s momma was just too much for me. I laughed until my stomach hurt on every scene she was in. She actually sounds like a retired pimp. I feel ratchet for liking her.

  5. I don’t care what anyone says, that damn Joseline is a man! No woman could have a face that hard. I like K. Michelle and I think Scrappy and Stevie J’s baby mommas are completely sad. Out of all the men to have babies by, that’s who they chose? #fail

  6. I think the other season was way better. There’s no Chrissy to keep the show interesting and I can’t really see a breakout star except maybe K. Michelle. That little manly looking chick is annoying and I can’t really connect with the baby mommas. They just have no backbone. All in all, I will keep watching but it’s just not as interesting as the first season.

  7. Eh. The show is okay. Not great but watchable. I also believe K. Michelle is telling the truth about Memphitz. I don’t see why she would need to lie about it since it didn’t help her 2 years ago the first time she said it.

  8. It’s all a hot mess! Stevie J thinks he’s so slick, it’s beyond disgusting! Mimi and Joselin need to join forces but Lord knows he would find more women to use and make fools of…..I always wonder why women are so desperate that they will break up families just to have a man(No the men aren’t exonerated). Women need to be kinder to each other. The other guys’ mother is just down right scary……I’m totally at a loss for words when it comes to her.

  9. IF I watch this show any further, it’ll be from a perspective of scripted television. I’m quite frustrated with networks attempting to pass this trash off as “reality tv.” We don’t criticize or catch feelings for sitcoms or movies half as much as we do “reality shows” and I think the reason we (black people and more specifically WOMEN) have so much to say and get so offended is because this is being passed off as our “reality” on national television. In my opinion this is when it becomes unrealistic, and in some cases, offensive.

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