Kanye West: Kris Humphries Is A ‘Punk Ass’ For Taking Kim To Divorce Court

Kanye West isn’t too thrilled about his boo’s husband taking her to divorce court and thinks he’s a ‘punk **s’ for doing it.

By: Taren Vaughan

Already professing his love for Kim Kardashian after only a few short months of dating, Kanye West continues to show just how much he has her back, despite all the daily hate that is thrown her way. And with many people calling Kim everything but a child of God and criticizing her for her whoring antics, there is one person in particular that is apparently getting under Kanye’s skin the most.

A source close to the hit producer/rapper told HollywoodLife.com how ready ‘Ye is to have Kim all to himself legally and is standing behind her through the whole divorce situation:

“Kanye knows Kim has this whole court stuff with that dude Kris. They don’t really talk about that lame a** dude, but I know my boy just wants his a** just out the picture,”

The source goes on to say that Kris is no competition for Kanye and that he needs to keep it moving and leave Kim be:

“Let’s be honest for a minute, have you ever known a [person] that’s so lame as this dude Kris? Man, Kim don’t want you. Beat it homie! Stop hanging around on the sidelines,”

Don’t think Kris Humphries is hanging around on purpose. After all, he is trying to drag her behind to divorce court.

With the messy divorce situation that is lingering over his girlfriend’s head, Kanye West is going to continue to hold Kim down until everything is finalized. And assured Kim that he is a much better catch than any of the many other men from her past:

“Kanye’s going to be a man and of course he’s going to be right there by Kim’s side when she settles this whole thing with her punk ass ex,”

“Kanye’s going to be there for her. He wants all this [stuff] to get finalized so he and her can start making their own memories. He’s stepped up to the plate for her and will continue to be her rock. He even told her once she has nothing to worry about and that he’s not one of those whack a** [boys] she’s been with in the past.”

Divorce court after 72 days of marriage and already talking wedding bells with the next man…Kimmy K really does have the Chronic Girlfriend Syndrome.


  1. Kind of off topic, but this has to be the strangest I have seen Kim act in a relationship. She didn’t feel the need to do all of these photo opps when she was with Reggie. In fact, the most she did was the sports illustrated spread with Reggie. But now, she and Kanye have to do everything in front of the camera, and it just doesn’t seem genuine. Sad.

  2. Why does Kanye have a problem with Kim’s ex husband taking her to divorce court? It doesn’t make any sense. He wants the divorce, not Kim. Besides…Kim is just another version of her mother, so I guess being a maneater was inevitable for Kim.

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