Stevie J. Calls His Ride or Die Baby Momma Mimi Faust Weak For Staying With Him

Stevie J. Mimi

Just when you thought Stevie J. would appreciate his baby momma’s loyalty, he confirms on Twitter that he doesn’t.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Stevie J. and Mimi Faust have a very complicated relationship. Producer Stevie J. has had an interesting reputation of an industry playboy for years. Primarily known for having the most unprofessional of relationships with many of the female artists that he collaborates with, it came as no surprise for many when he was selected for the new addition to the Love And Hip Hop franchise, Love And Hip Hop Atlanta. Even though Stevie J. and Mimi are the primary focus on the show, Stevie J. has been linked to numerous women in the last few years, with the most notable two being female rapper Eve and Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter Alex Martin. His hot and heavy relationship with Eve ended after the rapper discovered Stevie J. had cheated on her, but this wasn’t discovered before Eve and Stevie J. were caught up in some controversy over an alleged sex tape the two made during happier times. And the producer was recently linked to Alex Martin when rumors surfaced that the two had wed late last year. Those claims were eventually shot down from both side days after.

Fast forward to 2012, Stevie J. and longtime girlfriend and baby momma Mimi Faust have agreed to show the world their complicated relationship on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.

During the first episode, it’s clear that Mimi puts up with way more than any woman should. As Stevie J. continues to prance around Atlanta with his little recording artist and jumpoff Joseline Hernandez, she stays and hopes her loyalty will eventually make Stevie J. come to his senses.

But if his Twitter antics are any indication of how that’s working out for the couple, things don’t look very good for Mimi Faust. Stevie J. retweeted an interesting tweet that makes it look as if he doesn’t really respect Mimi’s loyalty:

stevie j. mimi faust

Sure, it could be a harmless tweet, but I think it’s safe to say he doesn’t respect Mimi very much if he is sleeping with other women. For the life of me, I don’t understand why these women keep trying to be “ride or die” for dudes that don’t even respect them enough to be faithful. Perhaps they are being “ride or die” for the wrong damn people. In fact, let’s reserve our loyalty for husbands and not undeserving boyfriends. I think more women would find that way more beneficial anyway.



  1. I’m pretty sure that’s how he feels. This man is a notorious womanizer and men like that don’t respect loyalty. Why? Because if the shoe was on the other foot, they wouldn’t stay!

  2. Not surprised! He’s a certified manwhore and has been that way for years. We as women need to make better choices in who we give our years too.

  3. It could have just been an innocent retweet but it’s looks mighty disrespectful on his end. I can’t really have a whole lot of sympathy for Mimi because she’s the one that stayed.

  4. But she is weak for staying with him! No woman should invest that much time in a man who can’t even be monogamous. It’s childish for any woman to accept this kind of behavior. Grown women make responsible relationship choices.

  5. SMH! This man had me pissed off last night! But I’m more disappointed that Mimi stayed. It’s way too many Mimi’s and Stevie J’s out here and that won’t change until women stop lying to themselves.

  6. This is proof that men don’t respect when a woman stays with them despite cheating! Most of them would not stay with a woman who cheated so I’m not sure why women feel like they have to.

  7. I live in Atlanta and this show is one big lie. First of all, Stevie J. Is BROKE. He has not been a factor in the business for years. His relevancy died along with Bad Boy’s reign. He cheated on Eve and had someone blackmail her about the sex tape they made because he was having money problems. Mimi is weak because she stayed around even when he was getting ready to marry Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter. But Whoopi put a stop to that quickly when people clued her in on who Stevie really is! And please believe Eve is somewhere laughing and thankful that she dodged a bullet. Top bad Mimi didn’t!

  8. I also hear Stevie likes to get down with men as well. Which is not surprising, specifically being in the A. MiMi really needs to grow some self esteem, this dude is not her husband, he disrespects her in front of other women, and to top it off, the dude is broke too??? Hell to the no!! She is a beautiful woman and needs to recognize her own worth and drop this scumbag.

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