Game to Chris Brown And Drake: Stop The Beef And Make Your Money

Rapper Game speaks on wanting to squash ongoing beef with 50 Cent and gives his take on Chris Brown and Drake feud.

By: Taren Vaughan

No stranger to beefing himself, Rapper Game, formerly known as The Game, has gotten to the point where he is ready to put the long-standing one between him and former G-Unit running mate 50 Cent to rest. He recently told DJ Whoo Kid that the beef has run its course and after all these years, he really isn’t even sweatin’ it anymore:

“You know what I do, man. After a while, it’s been so long, I don’t care about that shit, man. It’s an opportunity to make some money, it’s all good. If not, and Fif let his ego control him, that’s good, too. But Game is good, I’m all good. I ain’t trippin’ off nobody, until someone trippin’. Then I’ma turn it all the way up,”

Holding on to old beef can get well, old after awhile. Even Nas and Jay-Z buried the hatchet eventually.

While on the subject of beefs, Game addressed the most recent music beef that has the media buzzin’ on a daily basis. Do I even have to tell you which one?

As loyal fans and Rihanna have thrown shade in one direction or another, Game didn’t dig into Chris and Drake but rather wants them to put an end to the nonsense and get back to making their money:

“Them two cool cats. Chris is doin’ his thing, man, and Drake is for the ladies. N—-s need to chill out and make they music. That’s not a cool beef. They both can stop it now and go about they way, go they separate ways and get they money,”

And as he would normally hype of rap beefs, he says R&B cats should not even go that route and just stick to singing their “love” songs:

“If them n—-s is rappers, I’m encouraging that shit. [If those] n—-s is R&B n—-s, then y’all need to cut that out. We need some songs to f–k to,”

Hmm, I wonder if Drake is included in that “R&B n—-s” comment because he damn sure is always trying to sing.

Either way, it’s clear what Game thinks about this feud.


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