Gloria Govan: We Have More Class Than ‘Basketball Wives’ Miami Cast

Gloria Govan Basketball Wives LA

Even though it kicked off with a lunch time brawl, Gloria Govan says that her cast mates are much more mature than those on ‘Basketball Wives’ Miami.

By: Taren Vaughan

Basketball Wives: Miami has proven itself to be a complete train wreck with Shaunie O’Neal’s name attached right to it. All the chaos and fighting that took place on this season’s airing of the show has led to some of its own cast members venting about how it makes sisters look bad. It’s even getting to the point where cast members from the spin off are going in on their horrid behavior.

Snatching a page straight out of Basketball Wives: Miami’s book, BBW: L.A. was definitely on its way to becoming train wreck number two; in some people’s minds, it already accomplished that. The season premiere of the show included a fight that happened between Malaysia Pargo and Laura Govan over what was supposed to be a nice lunch to get to know each other. That wasn’t the last of the drama as it continued to roll in episode after episode.

Although BBW: L.A. had its string of catty confrontations, cast member Gloria Govan lets it be known that her cast mates are way more classier than the bottle-throwing Evelyn and face-smacking Tami.

She recently told Bossip that in L.A., the basketball wives know how to act like mature adults, despite what the first episode showed us:

“Aside from the first fight that we had, like that was our first scene, ‘Basketball Wives: L.A.’ is a little bit more mature.”

With the filming of the next season underway, Govan also let viewers know that they will of course see the normal dose of drama that goes down on any reality TV show. But there most certainly won’t be any bottle throwing or slap boxing going on:

“Don’t get me wrong, you’re definitely going to see drama,” “but you’re not gonna see us throwing bottles and trying to hit each other. I just think that’s overdone.”

Is Gloria right? Is the ‘Basketball Wives’ L.A. crew a tad bit classier than Shaunie and friends or are they all a hot mess?


  1. Who put these birds on TV? And don’t tell me Shaunie because that heifer is nothing but a spokesperson. I know she has a boss! All of them are fakes and I’m tired of all of them.

  2. It’s something about those Govan Sisters that just irk me. They seem to be sleazy slimeballs that are more than willing to break up a marriage to get ahead in life.

  3. It’s interesting that Gloria talks about having so much class because her sister sure didn’t when she slept with Shaq while Shaunie was still married to him.

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