Ashley King of ‘Bad Girls Club’ Says Dwight Howard Pays For Sex With Handbags

Ashley King Dwight Howard

In today’s edition of dumb celebrity tweets, a former “Bad Girl” goes on a Twitter tantrum that painted Royce Reed’s old flame and baby’s daddy Dwight Howard, as the guy who compensates sex with designer handbags.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Bad Girls Club is reality television’s official destination for the naughty girls, groupies, and rebellious females who party recklessly and make no apologies for any of it. While it’s expected for them to pull stunts on the major social networks during their 15 minute claim to fame on Oxygen Network’s dime, when the season ends, it’s completely easy to forget the ratchet cast members and their deplorable behavior during filming. Always a guilty pleasure for most supporters, can anyone be surprised if one decides to continue in their groupie ways past the Bag Girls Club camera crew?

The Twitter world erupted last night when a former Bad Girl spilled a little too much tea on professional basketball player and Royce Reed’s baby’s daddy, Dwight Howard. In a series of very questionable and attention seeking tweets, the 6th season reality star Ashley King tweeted questionable tweets regarding Howard’s sex game (or lack thereof) and how he allegedly compensates the poor souls who endure his bedroom mediocrity:

ashley king dwight howard tweet

ashley king dwight howard tweet


Of course like any celebrity or washed up reality star, Ashley King later claimed she was hacked and did not tweet such a thing. Perhaps this is just a new part of celebrity that we should all just accept will continue to go on when celebrities regret tweeting things that make them look completely stupid and like basketball groupies.

Regardless, I do hope she was hacked because having sex for money, shoes, and even designer handbags is just another form of prostitution. And I thought Oxygen paid better than that.


  1. I don’t even know who this is. So this little Twitter stunt was obviously not effective. These reality chicks kill me. She’s pretty though. (that’s all I got)

  2. I swear between reality television and Facebook and Twitter, people are just turning into terrible people. This girl is too pretty to be tweeting things like this or getting casted for Bad Girls Club. Reality television and fake celebrity has ruined people to the core. This trash is turning people into soulless and trashy zombies all for a little money.

    1. People have always been terrible. Technology is allowing them to finally showcase how they really are to the world.

    1. Actually Lindsay you got her last name wrong! LOL if your going to clown someone atleast know the person youre talking

      1. Ashley Pettiford, I think is how it is spelled. We went through school together. I heard she was on google, so I googled her name… She is acting so trashy. Get it together, girl. Why advertise that you’re hoeing around?

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