K. Michelle: Tamar Braxton Better Stay In Her Lane

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K. Michelle pulls Tamar Braxton’s card hard for trying to diss her on Twitter on the sneak.

By: Taren Vaughan

The end of the week is near and the controversial season opener of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is still a hot topic of conversation and continues to take over the web. From Stevie J. and Mimi Faust’s shouting match to Momma Dee reminiscing on her days as a pimp, the cast members of the show have had viewers on the edge of their seats, waiting impatiently for the next episode to roll around. Amongst the drama-filled moments during the first airing of the show, K. Michelle’s confessions about her, at the time, mystery ex-boyfriend left inquiring minds going crazy.  It’s clear Stevie J. and Mimi won’t be the only controversial relationship this season. And it was soon revealed that the man she was referring to was Mickey “Memphitz” Wright, Jr. who is the husband of Toya Wright.

And the discovery led to outside parties going after K. Michelle for exposing Memphitz for his alleged abusiveness towards her. One of the people that struck a nerve in K. Michelle the most was Braxton Family Values star Tamar Braxton.

In an interview that she did with TT Torrez of IPower92, K. Michelle claimed that Braxton was going in on her on Twitter on the sly and that it would be in her best interest to stop shade throwin’ and mind her own business:


“She was on twitter last night [and] she deleted the tweets because she knows she doesn’t want it with [me]. She better stay over there with ‘Family Values’. She deleted the tweets because people were tweeting me what she said. she was saying to Toya ‘Oh have fun and let this girl sell her fairy tale’ and all I tweeted was that ‘I like Toni anyway,’ because I do. You know me, I don’t mess with anybody until they mess with me and I don’t play them little games. I’m from Memphis, we jump gates! We don’t play in them little games. So until the muppet gets it together she needs to stay away from me.”


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And as many people were under the impression that K. Michelle was too scared to come forward about her past relationship with Memphitz earlier, she says that that was not the case. And while addressing that, she went on to say that her intentions were not to piss Toya off and that Tamar Braxton is actually the one that is on her bad side:


“I wasn’t scared about that because you are only scared when you’re lying and you only get scared when there aren’t any facts. His family still talks to me and they know the truth. For me, it was like, I still try to do it right and not be shady out of respect for Toya and the situation. I did not even say his name. I told my story without saying his name because I did not want it to be like ‘Oh K is throwing shade’ or ‘K is bitter’ no! He probably is a different man now. Different women bring out different things in men. I wasn’t the one to calm him. And I’m not mad at him or her but the one person I am mad at is Tamar Braxton, that muppet, she needs to have several seats.”


K. Michelle may be claiming that she wasn’t coming at Toya sideways with her public confessions and tweets, although this here says otherwise. But she has made it clear that Tamar Braxton doesn’t want it with her.

Does Tamar Braxton need to have a seat and tend to herself?

By the way, peep K. Michelle’s latest song “Shut Up”. Shots fired?


  1. Tamar is always sticking that fake nose of hers into someone else’s business! And I’m sure it’s all for attention because she’s not interesting enough to get press without beefing with someone. Can’t stand her and I wish she would sit down somewhere.

  2. I really like this chick, but the with each day I see her on the blogs, it’s very clear to me why she’s single. And that naked picture of her on the blog that shall not be named was the icing on the cake as to why she won’t get wifed.

  3. “R u serious”…Look Mary J Blige said that K Ci from Jodeci beat her a**…no police reports…he denies it to this day….Halle Berry said Wesley Snipes beat her to hearing loss…no police reports…he denies it to this day…So r they lieing too? Or do they get a pass? Pray you never get ur a** beat by someone you love and trust…because it is a real shocker honey…and reality is a bi*ch…ugly things happen everyday that people are aware of that aren’t reported…rapes, murder, etc…this is no different. He beat K Michelle’s a**. Beaten women rarely get any sympathy when they come forward and report a high profile person…look at Rhianna…she didn’t want to report it, but did and some people felt she brought it on herself…people still support Chris Brown…Tina Turner took how many a**whoopings without reporting Ike Turner…so just stop it already.

    1. You are wrong in this is what I have to say to that!!!!!!!!!!! B-tch (K Michelle) you need to stop lying! If what you saying is true where is the proof, I believe Memphitz if you could not talk for months in lost a record deal, shouldn’t you have went to the hospital or something. Where is the papers, in why is nobody else in the record label defending you, wouldn’t they have seen it. You are lying in you know you are, nobody really likes you in now you are in a big mess with a lot of people in like you say you be on that bullsh-t because what you’re saying is bullsh-t!! Get money h-e!!! You just mad because you are not the wife go suck on some grapes in let people live their life!!!

  4. I really do love ms. K.Michelle..she is so real I dnt give a f-ck who think the worst about her. I feel she have no reason to lie about anything! So all of Yall who was not present at the time it went down need to keep Yall mouth close..ms k.Michelle keep doin Wat u do….much love

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