Kim Kardashian: My Fans Are Stupid For Making Me Rich

Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries Rumors

As more information is leaked from Kim Kardashian’s soon to be ex husband Kris Humphries, it is possible that Kim Kardashian agrees with the majority of Americans who have labeled her fans for as idiots for making her rich for absolutely nothing.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kim Kardashian may be enjoying her new romance with rapper  Kanye West, but the reality television star is still very much a married woman since her divorce to Kris Humphries is still in process and currently non existent. As both camps continue to paint the other as terrible and the root of the couple’s quick demise, nasty secrets on both Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries continues to make its way to the media amidst the speculations on who is holding up the complete end to the 72 day marriage that has left Kim Kardashian looking like a fraud and desperate media whore.

In the latest reports from Kris Humphries’ camp, he has allegedly told sources that he has copies of text messages and voicemails from Kim admitting that not even she respects her fans for helping her create a multimillion dollar empire with absolutely no drop of talent or skill.

Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries Divorce Trial

According to 106 KMEL:

Kim Kardashian may act like she “LOVES” her fans, but super dirty secrets are coming out right now as she heads to divorce court with ex-hubby Kris Humphries, and her fans are learning what exactly the “REALITY” star feels about them…

“Kris has text and voicemails from Kim where she calls her audience ‘gullible’, ‘stupid imbeciles’, ‘boring little nobodies’ and ‘pathetic people with no lives of their own,’ says a source.

The recordings also reveal Kim Kardashians MANY plastic surgeries…”liposuction, three nose jobs, a boob job and work done on her butt. She can’t stop with the plastic surgery,” says the source, “and I don’t think she ever will.”

While it has not been confirmed by Kim’s camp (don’t hold your breath) that these messages and claims are authentic, this isn’t hard to believe considering Kim’s public proof of her selfishness.

In related news, TMZ has reported that Kris Humphries’ rumored girlfriend Myla Sinanaj has told media outlets that she has messages from Kris Humphries that reveal that Kim Kardashian told him that the infamous sex tape with Ray J. was staged by her mother, Kris Jenners. Apparently, the former couple made 3 takes because Kris thought the other two weren’t “pretty enough.”

This won’t help the “Kris Jenner pimps her kids allegations” very much.


  1. This is true and not a rumor. Rather or not it spreads depends on how much money her momma offers Kris to shut up. Kim is not a nice person, and people in the industry are well aware of that. She even refers to her black girlfriends like Ciara and Lala as the Aunt Jemima crew. She and Khloe also told Howard Stern they’d go to the ghetto with fried chicken to pick up black men if they had to. She starting sleeping with Kanye years ago when he was ENGAGED to Alexis and Alexis was her friend at the time. And lastly, Amber Rose left Kanye because of the naked pictures she sent Kanye while they were together. Not to mention, it was Kim sending Kanye naked pictures that ended Alexis and Kanye’s engagement a few years ago. The truth about her will come out very soon.

      1. I can’t really say a whole lot but people in the business do talk. Everything you read about Kim on the blogs are not lies. Know that.

    1. You forgot to add that Kris Jenner and Nicole Brown Simpson used to be bff’s and coke buddies. Kris Jenners was as loose as a goose in her younger days. That’s why Khloe still doesn’t know who her damn daddy is. She’s training Kim to be just like how she was at her age. And by the looks of Kim’s resume, she’s done a damn good job. This whole family is trash and the only respectable Kardashian was their dad. He has to be turning over in his grave.

  2. I knew her mom had something to do with her making the tape. Didn’t Paris do the same thing a couple years before Kim did? All of this was planned. Kim isn’t famous bevause of luck, her momma has carefully calculated all of this.

  3. Well I’m glad Kim knows what most of us have known all along. This skank should not be praised or placed on a pedestal. It is so disturbing to read tweets from little girls calling her their role model. Is this what it has come to?? Kim k.s getting filthy rich and becoming role models? This country is screwed beyond repair.

  4. Yep. This definitely seems like something Kim would say and do. Heifer cares about nobody but herself. And no I don’t think her like for Kanye is genuine but another shot at 15 minutes.

  5. I don’t know about the proof that it was Kim’s mom’s idea to put the tape out but it;s crazy because I was just thinking that lately! No way in hell her tape came right out after Paris Hilton’s and she was purposely hanging around Hilton! She wanted people to wonder, “hey?! Whose that girl??!” As soon as that thought entered America’s mind..the sex tape hit. It was all very calculated!! About the surgeries, only an idiot believes Kim K is natural. She changes all the time! She looks surgical! Nobody has it all unless they have the money to buy it all. I hate how she thinks she has some kind of “in” with the black community because she has a FAKE a–. This disrespectful, talk like a lil kid, boring, talentless piece of sh– c— is not fooling me. She’s a damn liar! When she’s no longer current, you will see her releasing a tell all book about her surgeries etc. She’s right! Anyone who is still supportive of Kim K is a damn imbecile. Sooo many publicity stunts!!!! It’s like no matter what comes out about her, there are still followers! What her first husband said about her, should have been damaging enough! She is a jealous competitive person, who is never happy for her sisters and is too much of a perfectionist and wants to be perfect as far as looks. All she cares about is herself and what she looks like. Her a– is soo blown up, I bet if you pinned that thing, it would deflate! Soo tired of hearing about her! Tired of her lies and her acting like she works soo hard at them gym when really she gets work done!!

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