Woman Killed Running Into Oncoming Traffic in Attempt to Flee Abusive Boyfriend

A woman was killed as she ran into oncoming traffic as she desperately attempted to flee from her abusive boyfriend.

By: A.J. Niles

An abusive argument turned deadly on Father’s Day when a woman was killed as she ran into oncoming traffic as she desperately attempted to flee from her boyfriend that attacked her while she was driving on Interstate 10 in Louisiana.

The Louisiana State Police announced to various news sources,

State Police say, Lucretia Hampton, 35, had been driving east on I-10 near Veterans Memorial Boulevard with her boyfriend, George Washington Cummings IV, 39, when she pulled over because he was beating her. The couple got out of the car and continued fighting on the highway. Fleeing Cummings, Hampton ran along the shoulder and eventually into the highway to flag down a motorist. She was hit by two vehicles and pronounced dead at the scene.

The accident occurred Sunday night in the 9PM hour as they were returning home from a gathering at Cummings’ brother’s residence to celebrate Father’s Day.

Rayford Corkern, who is retired after 51 years as a firefighter on the West Bank, was interviewed by NOLA.com and stated that he did not see Hampton until it was too late.

“All I know is I hit something and I didn’t know what I hit. Next thing I know is a ‘Boom!’ and both of my air bags deployed. My truck was filled in smoke and the air bags were in my face.”

“I didn’t want to make a hard right and hit someone who was trying to pass me. Eventually I was able to get over on the side of the road.”

“They give us the Breathalyzer test and all those other kinds of tests and tape recordings,” he said. “I told them, ‘I guarantee you won’t find any alcohol in my system.’ I can’t handle cough medicine with codeine.”

“[When I walked around to the back of my truck,] that’s when I realized something bad had happened,” he said. “I didn’t realize what I had hit.”

Cummings was booked with manslaughter and second-degree battery. Bond information was not available Monday.


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  1. This is really sad. Women really have to get out of relationships as soon as the signs show up. What’s even sadder though is she died trying to get away from her abuser.

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