Good Sex Won’t Keep A Man Faithful (Raw & Uncensored)

Just another column from an educated black man who doesn’t spare feelings or understand why women think they can control men with what they perceive to be good sex.

By: Mike J.

Women tend to think they can control a man with their vaginas.

While this could be true for a select few, it is imperative that women understand that this kind of power is severely limited. This means you can only do so much and change so little with the bedroom skills you have acquired over the long course of screwing men for emotional control. Eventually, a man is going to do what he wants to do, and no your head game can’t prevent this.

I remember a conversation I had with a female friend who bragged about the ultimate p–y power she had over her man. She was so delusional that she criticized every woman she knew that had been cheated on for their lack of pleasing their men sexually. Yes, she was the typical delusional woman who actually believed that a man’s infidelity could solely be blamed on a woman who’s not handling business. With her logic, a man only cheated because he wasn’t happy at home and a woman wasn’t doing her job to keep her man’s attention.

This was her mentality until she became the very woman she deemed inferior to her man keeping skills.

Men cheat because we want to cheat. I don’t know a single cheating man who passed down a little head on the side because his woman’s head game is better. It was there and that’s all he needed to know at the time infidelity became appealing. I don’t say this to make women paranoid, but every woman needs to know a man is faithful because he wants to be, not because your head game is tight and you’ve got the grip of death between your legs. There are thousands, if not millions of other women with tight vaginas and legendary oral skills. Yet a faithful man is a lot harder to locate.

And it all comes down to character. A man that cheats will cheat despite what you can do in the bedroom. A man that honors his word and respects his relationships won’t cheat because he has a different perspective to relationships, not because his girlfriend can do that lil’ thing with her hips.

You should probably stop seeking to control men with your crotch and start picking men with enough character to have some control over their own.


  1. This is so true and I’m glad to hear this from a man. Most women have this mentality and they really refuse to believe that we can’t control men or make them be faithful. That is really something a man has to want to do on his own. Good stuff.

  2. So many women need to really understand this. I think sometimes we get so caught up in how great we are at sex that we forgot that we all have free will, including men. Sex is a great thing but we shouldn’t use it as a means to control others. A lot of us, men and women, are misusing sex.

    1. That’s not the complete truth. It’s a scare tactic we use to get what we want out of women. Look a man cheats because he wants to. There are many men cheating now and they are getting what they want from their woman. They just like the extra stuff on the side. So let’s keep it all the way 100 around here.

    2. I feel like that’s a total cop out. If a man cheats because the sex isn’t what he wants it to be, if he cheats versus trying to work things out, he’s definitely taking the easy way out and cheating because just feels like cheating.

    3. As a man, I can say confidently that I do what I want. No woman can change that. Maybe there’s a small percentage of dudes who disagree, but part of being a man is knowing where to put the blame. Man vs. boy.

  3. I would go all out in the bedroom and my ex still cheated on me. I. Fact, now that I think about it, I think he thought I was his jumpoff. Tell them the truth Mike!

  4. I have tried to explain this to some of my gf for years. I really can’t see how it’s so hard to understand.
    Not all men are cheaters and most men can not be controlled with good sex. Now don’t get me wrong can I get my husband to take out the trash”when I say so” with the promise of sexy time… Yes of course lol. But that’s way different.

  5. So true. My ex cheated on me and blamed it on me, saying I wasn\’t there for him. It\’s amazing how bad I felt after he told me this, and how much I took on myself. After taking him back and eating all his sh-t, I realize his decisions are his alone.
    I also enjoyed reading your article about a man coming back to his ex for an easy lay. How true. My ex tried to do that yesterday (same guy).
    What was really amazing was how suave he was, and how I realized he would have just slept w/ me and gotten what he wanted with 0 regard for my feelings. And he calls himself a good guy, a cop and all.
    I am so tired of being the \”fixer\” woman who is empathetic and understanding of everything and taking all the blame and having it all on my shoulders.

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