NBA Star Tony Parker’s Lawyer: Rihanna Is A S—t Starter

As NBA superstar Tony Parker is set to sue over Chris Brown-Drake fight, his lawyer claims that Rihanna is known for causing trouble.

By: Taren Vaughan

San Antonio Spurs star guard Tony Parker was expecting a night of fun at Club W.I.P. with his “friend Chris Brown” but instead, was caught in the cross fire of flying bottles and glass. Along with numerous other people that were injured during the brawl, Parker was added to the list of victims as it was reported that he received a “corneal laceration of the left eye”. Parker’s unexpected injury has a hefty price tag attached it as he is now filing a $20 million lawsuit against the club owners, pinpointing them as the cause of the fracas not Drake or Chris Brown.

The filing states:

“The defendants were reckless, careless and negligent in permitting Drake’s entourage and Brown’s entourage to be in the club at the same time despite known tension between the two,”

According to Parker’s lawyer David Jaroslawicz, the severity of Tony Parker’s injury is still under question but it is eye-related, which is not a good thing for anyone period, especially a professional athlete.

As for the person that this fight was supposedly over, Jaroslawicz says that Rihanna has the reputation of being a s—t starter and a known trouble maker:

“She’s been known, like Helen of Troy, to cause trouble,”

Although labeling Ri Ri as the modern day Helen of Troy, Jaroslawicz still holds to his thoughts that the club owners are truly the ones at fault for all this taking place. He says that the club should have never offered bottle after bottle to feuding camps as “you’re throwing gasoline on the flames,” And as he has yet to see how much the two parties spent on drinks, he bets that “…it’s probably more than kids’ tuition for the year.”

With this eye injury, Tony Parker won’t be dribbling a basketball for a few days as it is causing him to miss out on playing ball at the Summer Olympics:

“I’ll be missing the start of the French team because I can’t do anything for a week except keep the lens in and then take drops,”

As for Rihanna, is Jaroslawicz right? Does Rihanna get a kick out of stirring up drama?


  1. I’m not sure it’s fair or adult like to blame Rihanna for what two grown men choose to do in a club. Rihanna gets on my last nerves, but she didn’t make anybody do anything. This happened because Drake and Chris are very childish people with a lot of growing up to do.

  2. I really wish they would stop hyping Rihanna’s ole big foreHEAD up. These two punks fought because they’re lame. Nothing more to it than that. Only lame dudes fight over the Rihannas of the world. She obviously isn’t worried about neither one of them anyway.

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