Elderly Woman Gets Beaten Up By Man After Car Accident

An 82-year-old woman not only had her car struck in the rear by another driver in Detroit, she was physically assaulted by him as she attempted to inspect the damage done to her car.

By: A.J. Niles


Neighbors on a northwest Detroit block are shocked and disgusted at an incident that took place in front of their homes. A man was physically assaulting an 82-year-old woman after the two were in a fender bender just feet away from her home. The assailant was fiercely punching her on her back and chest during the incident.

According to WXYZ-TV in Detroit, it happened late Tuesday morning after the unidentified man rear-ended the 82-year-old woman who had just turned onto Pinehurst from W. McNichols Rd.

When the elderly woman, who shall remain nameless as to protect her identity, got out of her vehicle to inspect the damages,  neighbor Sandra Duncan tells WXYZ-TV the man grabbed her and began to beat her in the chest with his fists.

“Stop hitting her! Stop hitting her like that!”

“This is an 82-year-old and she didn’t deserve to be beat down out of her shoe like that. He hit her so hard that her shoe came off her foot,”

The elderly woman was in shock when man started attacking her.

“He just came over and grabbed me… literally lifted me off the ground. He’s a big man. I screamed leave me alone! Leave me alone! Why are you doing this?”

Neighbors that witnessed the assault taking place ran over to help the woman get away from the perpetrator.

He then got back into his red Pontiac Grand-Am and sped away from the scene. The woman and the neighbors are hoping that anyone that knows where this man is will turn him in.

Anyone with any information on this assault is urged to call Detroit Police at (313) 596-5640.


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