Rihanna’s Brother Rorrey Fenty: My Sister Was a Nerd Back in the Day

Rihanna’s little brother spills the beans on the pop star and how she was growing up in Barbados, saying that she was a bit on the nerdy side before the fame.

By: Taren Vaughan

To us, Rihanna is known as a Roc Nation starlet, former girlfriend of Singer Chris Brown and one of the most popular musical artists in the game right now. But to those who grew up with her back in Barbados, she was nothing more than a loving big sister with a whole lot of book smarts.

Rorrey Fenty, younger brother of Rihanna, told The Daily Star newspaper that before she got rich and famous, she was all about her books and had very little time for partying:

‘We worked very hard and took it really seriously. We went to good schools and Ri was a good student.’

And unlike some kids, her parents didn’t have to tie her down to a chair to get her to do her work:

‘She is very self-motivated so Mum didn’t have to push her to do homework. She had a lot of discipline. We only went to the beach on Sundays.’

Not only was she a whiz kid when it came to her school work but she had a thing for hunting UFOs:

‘We used to spend all weekend watching movies and talking about UFOs, looking out for them. Ri really believes there are UFOs.’

Yeah Rihanna, that is borderline geeky.

This tidbit from her brother makes Rihanna fall in line with many other stars out there as she went from “School gal” to “Rude gal” and became a star.

It was also said that Rorrey is soon to follow in his sister’s footsteps as he is making his way into the music industry, attempting to launch a rap career with the stage name “GQ”.

Wonder if he will be the next to join Roc Nation…


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