Kelis On Nas’ Album Cover: It’s Not Weird That He Used My Dress

Kelis speaks on Nas holding her wedding dress on his “Life Is Good” album cover and doesn’t find it awkward that he used it.

By: Taren Vaughan

Hip-Hop couple Kelis and Nas were the talk of the town for a good bit all the way up until their split after four years of marriage. And as with any divorce, one party or both still have feelings lingering from the union. In this case, Nas seems to be the one holding on to the past as he posed with Kelis’ green wedding dress on his latest album’s cover, one thing that she left behind after the two parted ways.

Nas spoke to Power 99 about how seeing his wife’s wedding dress hit a sore spot in him:

“I don’t think Kelis intentionally left the dress there, I think that was just one of the things that was left behind. I saw it, and was like ‘Ohh, she stung me with that one.’”

And of course, Kelis was next in line to be questioned about the attire that Mr. Jones chose to add to his “Life Is Good” album cover.

Doing her best to dodge the question, NME finally got Kelis to break her silence in an interview that she did with them. And in the interview, she gave her take on the cover. When asked what she thought about Nas using her wedding dress as a prop, she appears to find nothing awkward at all about it:

“My feelings about it are not really relevant, but you know at the end of the day Nas is an artist. And for whatever it’s worth he’s one of the greatest, and especially for what it is he does. So for me, I feel like especially for someone in hip-hop to kind of be genuine and honest, whatever the honesty is about, I think it’s awesome. So my feelings about it aren’t really necessarily valid, it’s just the fact that as an artist I can respect that he wears his feelings on his sleeve.”

Kelis doesn’t seem to think her ex husband holding on to her dress on an album cover is weird, simply a form of expression. But for Nas, he may not be completely over everything just yet. And it sounds like she knows it.


  1. Nas must be paying Kelis more money in child support or something because how do you go from calling your ex husband gay and on the down low a year ago to kissing his a– this year in interviews. Chile bye.

  2. I wouldn’t have posed with an ex-wife’s wedding dress but I appreciate the boldness that Nas has been comin with with his last few albums.

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