Lil’ Scrappy Talks Paying For Diamond’s Butt Implants And Her Departure From The Cast

Lil Scrappy Diamond Dating

By: Taren Vaughan

Rumors about Lil Scrappy and Diamond dating  have been floating around a lot more here lately. Lil Scrappy and Diamond have become one of the more interesting story lines on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, besides the Lil Scrappy and Stevie J. beef. Although the two haven’t been cordial since Diamond started dating Soulja Boy and Lil Scrappy and Buckeey started dating, the old relationship has been a hop topic the majority of the entire season. And recently, Scrappy has taken it upon himself to shut down any false claims that people have been making in reference to what he and Diamond had going on with each other.

Before the premiere episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta took reality TV addicts for a wild ride, there was much chatter about the former Crime Mob raptress being a member of the show’s cast. And her old flame reveals that the rumors had some truth to them.

In an interview with, Scrappy said that he was informed that Momma Dee and Erica Dixon, Scrappy’s mother and baby’s mama were the reason why Diamond quickly fled to the exit door and decided not to continue on with the show:

“I heard that my mom was on the show and my baby mom was on the show, two people who she don’t care to like. And okay, that’s half of it, that’s half of it. She think that they were gone get into it or they were gone fight or something like that”

Lil Scrappy Erica

His mama clearly isn’t afraid to speak her mind and get it poppin’ from what we’ve seen. And she probably wouldn’t mind getting at Diamond if necessary.  Seeing how Scrappy left Erica hanging for Diamond, she too might not be opposed to stepping to her either. With Diamond getting a whiff of the potential drama waiting for her, she scratched her name off the casting roster.

The topic of the interview switched gears slightly, moving from his ex-girlfriend’s show departure to how she grew an ass overnight.

And when asked whether or not he came out of his pocket and funded Diamond’s derriere, he simply said this:

“I’m a put it like this, I been truthful all day – I had something to do with it, I put it like that. I had something to do with it.”

Momma Dee eluded to her son’s purchasing of Diamond’s booty on the season premiere of the show: “Scrappy paid for that a–”

From Diamond’s fake butt to the staged altercation between him and Stevie J…What or who will Scrappy expose next?



  1. What in the world is going on with all these black singers and rappers buying new booties? Like is it a requirement now to have a big booty to be a performer, if you’re a black woman? Damn. Didn’t know that was all we were good for…AZZ. I’m over it.

  2. You paid for her implants, put her on to top rappers in the game, and she still leaves you for Soulja Boy. Damn Scrappy went out like a sucka. And Diamond isn’t even all that. She’s light skin..that’s about it.

    1. She’s not even all that light skin. I have seen her in person, she is definitely brown/caramel toned. She’s a pretty girl and looks better in person. But I will say this, she doesn’t have much substance to her. She’s an opportunist and a user. She wants to be as famous as Nicki Minaj and she’s willing to do whatever to achieve that, ie. date Souljah Boy.

  3. I think Lil Scrapy liked Diamond because she was kind of famous like him at the time. If you’re becoming relevant in the rap game, who’d you rather date? Your baby momma or an up and coming and attractive semi-famous female rapper? He wanted the attention that came along with dating her and pushed his loyal baby momma to the side for something that was never really genuine to begin with.

  4. Diamond made the right move though. She shouldn’t have done the show. I’m pretty sure Momma Dee would have whooped her azz on national television. Not to mention, she’s getting just as much press now as she would have gotten if she did the show. Lil Scrappy talks about her in every interview he does. Womp.

  5. And Diamond continues to be a hot topic on this show without even being on it. So when is she going to actually respond to what’s being said about her? She needs to soon, because her relevance will die soon once the season is over. She needs new management or something because she tweets and behaves like she’s made it already, yet no one knew much about her before this show. I think she should take advantage.

    1. To her defense, it’s hard for any female rapper to make it these days. If they don’t have crossover appeal like Nicki, they won’t make it in the business. Female rap is dead. You have to be a pop star now to pay the bills.

  6. Diamond wasn’t going to do the show because she knew she was going to get her azz kicked by Momma Dee and maybe even Erica. It’s not like she doesn’t deserve it. And folks in the A know Diamond ain’t even bout that life because she didn’t do anything when she got her azz whooped at that high school in ATL. Pretty girl with a nasty attitude. I won’t even go there about how she did her own group, Crime Mob.

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