K. Michelle Tamar Twitter Beef Continues: K. Michelle Confirms She’s Being Sued

K. Michelle Tamar

The K. Michelle beef with Tamar Braxton over her revelation of her abusive relationship with Memphitz takes a new twist as the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star is allegedly served Cease and Desist papers.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

And the K. Michelle Memphitz saga continues in rare form. While it would make much more sense for K. Michelle to receive legal papers from the likes of Memphitz and Toya since they have done everything possible to paint the singer as a liar, instead she allegedly received some legal papers from Tamar Braxton. It’s still very telling that the K. Michelle Memphitz drama produced no legal papers. But yes, that nasty K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton beef has gotten even messier, as Toni Braxton’s sister (who’s not relevant for any other reason) has had her attorney send K. Michelle a Cease and Desist letter for calling her a muppet. Just when you thought Stevie J. and Mimi, and even Joseline pregnant could very well be the most controversial story lines of the show, K. Michelle continues to make more enemies in Atlanta each day. I’m not sure why though, maybe it’s because Memphitz has continued to be (his rumored to be) controlling self even after the end of the violent relationship he’s trying so hard to separate himself from.

We neglected to post the story on K. Michelle receiving a Cease and Desist letter from Tamar Braxton because we just weren’t sure how real the letter was. And honestly, we’re still not. K. Michelle has an interesting sense of humor, so we’re not surprised she made a joke of the rumor. But by her most recent tweet, either she confirmed the rumor to be true or she’s making a joke out of how gullible people can be when it comes to what they read on the internet.

Either way, she tweeted the following:

k. michelle tamar beef

Make what you want out of that tweet but either it’s a confirmation or an interesting shot at sarcasm. Either way, can Tamar Braxton really sue K. Michelle for saying out loud what everyone else had been thinking? She does look like a muppet and she should mind her own business.  I don’t think you can sue because someone dragged you on Twitter and your comeback was too wack to silence all the laughter.


  1. I was wondering if y’all were going to write about this. I don’t think the papers are real. I think K. Michelle was making a joke because all the other blogs ran with the rumor. It’s amazing how anybody can slap a lie on the blog and even the big blogs and pros will run with it for hits. And the bragging right to say they were one of the first to post it.

  2. So Tamar’s ugly behind can put together some legal papers for some Twitter mess but why can’t Memphitz and Toya put together some papers for defamation…I mean since K. Michelle is lying and all. Hmm…

    1. They won’t sue because K. Michelle isn’t lying. The more I hear about Memphitz, the sleazier he sounds. Toya sure does know how to pick them.

      1. Man you should see all those gullible black women gushing and tweeting Toya and Memphitz about how much they want to be like them, marriage wise. I realized then how many black women need to raise their standards. Seriously I’d rather be like Barack and Michelle. Not former baby momma and woman beater.

          1. And your age is very telling by the immaturity of your response. Toya, come get your little daughter off the blogs. You’re looking real desperate.

  3. How petty. Tamar started it and now she’s trying to sue? I can’t stand that little irrelevant good digger. She will never be her sister because of her stank a– attitude.

    1. Right. Tamar killed her own career because her attitude is beyond terrible. How she’s married and so many better women are single is just insane to me.

  4. Is this lawsuit threat even true? It just seems beyond silly. If anything, that muppet Tamar stole her style from should sue.

  5. Tamar is why I stopped watching the show. She’s very unlikeable and only similar stank behaving females support her childish behavior.

  6. Tamar is doing nothing but bringing shame to herself and her show. I guess her reality show is desperate for ratings.

  7. K Michelle needs to go sit down. She had no right to shade Tamar the way she did especially since Tamar. Ever addressed her in the first place! The bird is lying about Memphitz beating her anyways. So desperate for fame… SMH. That’s why R. Kelly dropped your stank butt!!!

    1. Please. That man talks like an abuser in his denial interviews. Even Ike Turner told Tina he made her. Don’t be stupid. Wait. Too late. Sit all the way down and stop idolizing that ghetto relationship.

      1. You need to get off your high horse because the fall back down is going to hurt! First y’all criticize the poor child for being a baby momma, then dog her for marrying her baby daddy. Then she gets dragged for getting divorced and dragged even more now for marrying the man she fell in love with after Weezy. You chicks cant ever be satisfied. But guess what, y’all don’t even matter. So YOU sit down.

        1. Honey bye. You need to sit down, preferably back on the school bus because you’re too young to try debate me. I’m grown, and wise enough go see Toya and Memphitz for what they really are. What kind of man responds the way Memphitz did? Answer: an abusive and immature one.

  8. “R u serious”Tamar should sit down and shut up…I am tired of people saying K Michelle is lieing…Look Mary J Blige said that K Ci from Jodeci beat her a**…no police reports…he denies it to this day….Halle Berry said Wesley Snipes beat her to hearing loss…no police reports…he denies it to this day…So r they lieing too? Or do they get a pass? Pray you never get ur a** beat by someone you love and trust…because it is a real shocker honey…and reality is a bi*ch…ugly things happen everyday that people are aware of that aren’t reported…rapes, murder, etc…this is no different. He beat K Michelle’s a**. Beaten women rarely get any sympathy when they come forward and report a high profile person…look at Rhianna…she didn’t want to report it, but did and some people felt she brought it on herself…people still support Chris Brown…Tina Turner took how many a**whoopings without reporting Ike Turner…so just stop it already.

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