Stevie J. And Mimi Faust Aren’t Together

stevie j. and mimi

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Stevie J. and Mimi have to be one of the saddest couples on television. The Stevie J. Mimi Faust drama continues past the taping of the first season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. We’ve already learned who K. Michelle’s ex boyfriend is that abused her, we’ve learned how Lil Scrappy and Diamond dating went sour, and we know that Joseline Hernandez would get pregnant by Stevie J., and that Stevie J. and Lil Scrappy would have an epic fight. Even for an urban gossip addict, that’s enough drama to last a lifetime. Despite the other storyline, Stevie J. and Mimi continue to be one of the most controversial and appealing. Yes we know Stevie J. is a dog and Mimi is naive for staying but perhaps it’s because women enjoy pointing their fingers at the woman who makes stupid dating decisions on television, while the others are smart enough to just do it in private and away from the cameras.

Stevie J. has a nasty reputation as a slutty music producer that he has earned from at least two decades of him sleeping around with famous women and women connected to the most influential of black celebrities. Stevie J. dated Eve and the couple called it quits when Eve discovered his cheating ways. Of course she would later find it difficult to separate herself from Stevie J. since the Stevie J. and Eve sex tape was released during the height of her career as a female rapper. Many speculated that tape has been released by a financially struggling Stevie J. who was so desperate for money that he’s do something as trifling to ex girlfriend ex to pay down his growing debt.

stevie j. and mimi faust

Despite all of this, Mimi Faust has been labeled as a desperate baby momma who doesn’t seem to understand when it’s time to call it quits. Stevie J. and Mimi has a long history together that stems over 15 years of an and off romance. While many have been critical of the relationship that was exposed on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Mimi may be smarter than people are giving her credit for.

In a recent interview with V-103, Mimi Faust low key admits that she and Stevie J. have broken up:

A lot has changed. You guys, when you’re in a relationship and things happen, it’s a process of getting out. One thing will happen and you just don’t leave your family because one thing happened. So it’s definitely a process of a transition and process stage that you go through so that’s what I’m going through right now.

I would love to keep my family together. But at this point I don’t see that happening so I’m willing to just let this do what it do.

There have also been whispers in Atlanta that the couple actually called it quits during the taping of the show (how convenient) and Joseline Hernandez is the cause of the demise of Stevie J. and Mimi.




  1. These two are starting to bore me. So great, she did something she should have done years ago. Why do I have a feeling she will be back with him soon? She’s addicted to the toxicity of the relationship. Some women like being treated bad and Mimi seems like one of them.

  2. Is it the sex that has these women acting desperate? It’s not the money because I’m starting to think he doesn’t have any but what on earth does he have or do to have this effect on so many women he dates?

  3. These two again…yall know this whole show is probably scripted right? Broke people will do anything when you put a camera in front of them for a paycheck.

  4. Gasp! I’m surprised she left. Some people have to see themselves look stupid on camera before they realize how stupid they are. Glad she smartened up but she’s not talking like the relationship is permanently over.

  5. She’ll go back to him. It doesn’t even matter how terrible he’s been to her. Some women just refuse to move on until the man does. Watch.

  6. I kept thinling the first time I saw him that he looked like someone but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I realized he favors Usher…… albeit a broke down Usher but still Usher.

  7. Y’all just because some people don’t know how or when to let go doesn’t mean she’ll go back to him, not everyone is the same. But you gotta put yourself in her shoes and look at it from her point of view, you shouldn’t call her ‘stupid’ if she goes back to him because if you love someone so much (and i’m not saying love them more than you love yourself) you’re willing to put all the bull and hurt that they caused you aside, and if she does go back it him, it may not be a mistake, people change. Joselin should want better for herself than Stevie J as well, from what I’ve seen on the show so far, he clearly does care for Mimi a lot, enough for him to chase after her, but not enough to be committed at the snap of Joselin’s finger. Neither one of these three people have a healthy relationship, Stevie J just wants the money. Mimi truly loves him and has been by him for a hell of a long time, but she deserves better in my opinion. Stevie J needs a wake up call and needs to get his act together. Joselin needs a taste of how a real man is supposed to treat a woman and won’t just leave her hanging on the side. And mimi and Stevie have not been dating for 15 years. And i’m not saying people can’t have an opinion, but judge anyone before you know the dept of it. Don’t judge people for doing what they feel.

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