Felicia Pearson aka Snoop From ‘The Wire’ Wants You to Know…

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Felicia Pearson aka Snoop from the wire currently has tongues wagging because of a recent and very pleasantly surprising head shot of the popular actress who’s notoriously known for her controversial role on the HBO hit. In the photo, Snoop looks go gorgeous that it has many specualting that she has gone from stud to fem. But not so fast, contrary to what the urban gossip blogs are reporting, Snoop isn’t abandoning her original and more masculine style that we remember from her days as a boss on The Wire.


Turns out, she’s just got another acting role…

felicia pearson snoop feminine

We’re glad to see she’s still working. We just figured we’d do a little rumor control and set the record straight on Snoop. Does anybody else miss The Wire?


  1. And to think, all the blogs were claiming she had gone hetero…turns out she just has a new movie gig. Damn the Internet can be so messy.

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