Lil Scrappy and Diamond Were Kind of Abusive To Each Other

Lil Scrappy and Diamond

By: A.J. Niles

Lil Scrappy and Diamond have been a hot topic during the explosive new reality show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Most of the controversy about this couple is due to the fact that Lil Scrappy and Diamond dating ended on a sour note that led to Diamond dating Soulja Boy. There are many rumors as to why Lil Scrappy and Diamond dating ended, but it’s been revealed on the show that Lil Scrappy’s mother Momma Dee was not a supporter of the relationship. Scrappy has since been seen on the show attempting to work on reconciling with his baby momma Erica, and this relationship eventually leads to a Lil Scrappy Stevie J. fight. But in recent interviews, it becomes clearer that Lil Scrappy actually did have genuine feelings for Diamond.

On Kandi Koated Nights, hosted by Kandi Burress, Lil Scrappy let his honesty and rawness shine through again as he spoke about other aspects of his former relationship with Diamond. On the show, he admitted to stalking Diamond and constantly calling her phone after she broke it off with him the first time.

“…I have to admit that… I have been a stalker before.”

“I never got my heart broke before so when I felt that first pinch…this person hurt my feelings and I was appalled. Let me see if she is joking… ya feel me? I’m callin[sic]… I went lookin in the mirror to see maybe I turned ugly. Ain’t nothin change so I called again. Ain’t nothin happenin for a n***a… It left me f***ed up. So I got me a sack… I called again and said why you ain’t pickin up the phone. It would end if you just pick up the phone. Just tell me f**k you or somethin.”

Lil Scrappy and Diamond

Later on in his interview, he revealed that he reacted violently towards an ex, admitting that he body slammed her to stop her from attacking him.

“So check this s**t out. I ain’t gon lie… I’d duck and dodge and walk up out that mothaf***a, ya feel me… But dis what Momma Dee told me to do. But this wasn’t how I was raised and I only used these methods two or three times.

If a b***h get outta [sic] line and she hits you, try your best to walk away. But if she is [striking] you all in your face, just… Do something to keep her down. You might have to yoke her a** up… Slam em…

Please don’t hit em by any means but if you do, make sure you knock they a** out cuz if not, she goin whoop yo a**.”

While he never confirmed that he was speaking about Diamond when he mentioned body slamming an ex, it was pretty much assumed by most that he was indeed referring to Diamond, the only female he’s publicly admitted he’d ever had such strong feelings for. Again, Lil Scrappy’s baby mama Erica was merely an afterthought in the interview, while Diamond continued to be the subject of most of the segment.




  1. This is why grown people need to keep their hands to themselves. It only takes a second for it to get ugly. Besides that, I always thought he and Diamond looked cute together. I had no idea they had so many issues.

  2. *Scratches head* So nobody else is going to say anything about him saying a man should knock a woman out to prevent getting his azz whooped by one? No one?

    1. A single mother can raise a good man, but Scrappy’s mom was a pimp. Of course she’d teach him that violence a woman is justified at times. I’m not surprised by any of this.

  3. I guess Mona’s too cheap to hire a publicist for all of these hoodrats. These interviews are so ratchet that most of them are resulting in law suits and twitter beefs.

    1. Mona wanted them to do these messy interviews and act a fool on twitter. Controversy creates high ratings. She’s a smart business woman and she knows actually what she’s doing by doing nothing to keep these crazy people in line.

  4. Scrap needs to quit “letting the liquor tell it” and revealing too much about his personal life. He might end up turning off some his female fanbase and those that watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. He doesn’t want to be looked at in the same light as Stevie J. and MeMpHiTz.

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