Caption This: Is Azealia The Mermaid Trying To Bring Jellies Back?

Nicki is a Barbie and now Azealia is a mermaid, one that rocks jellies.

By: Taren Vaughan

Survival in the rap industry has always been a challenge for females. With today’s music, it has become damn near mandatory that a femcee has to have a catchy gimmick to go along with her raw talent; talent alone doesn’t pay the bills anymore. Nicki Minaj dolled herself up and became a Barbie to earn her crossover appeal. And now Azealia Banks is holding on tight to an image of her own, one from down under. Taking a page out of Ariel’s book, Banks used a mermaid theme for her most recent shows in New York City and Los Angeles. Some acts from her show included floating sea creatures, and a contest for the best mermaid costume.

Azealia Banks doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind as she has admitted to having a smart mouth. And with her latest wardrobe choice, she obviously is not scared to jump head first in the fashion pool and pull out what she thinks is fly.

To top off her sequin dress (her “fish scales” I’m assuming), she’s attempting to bring back some colorful footwear from way back when…jellies.

Has Azealia’s mermaid gimmick gone too far?

Caption this.


  1. All these gimmicks and the chick still FLOPS. She sold like 50,000 Cds. That’s it. And I know her feet have to be smelling like corn chips in those ugly shoes. I need these female rappers to get it together. From Kim, to Nicki, to Azealia…none of them can dress.

  2. So when did Azealia start the whole Mermaid thing? Is this supposed to her little gimmick front, like Nicki’s whole barbie thing? She looks silly.

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