Momma Dee: When I Was A Pimp, I Caught Scrappy Getting Head From Some of my H-es

By: A.J. Niles

Lil Scrappy’s mother Momma Dee is the wise and fiery mother on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. She will easily let her opinion be known; whether people ask her about her son Lil Scrappy and Diamond dating, Lil Scrappy’s baby mama Erica, the Lil Scrappy Stevie J. fight, or even how she feels about Tami Roman on Basketball Wives. Many who watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta want to know how Momma Dee became who she is and where her fiery, check a n*gga attitude came from. Well Momma Dee will let it be known that she developed these attributes on the mean streets of Southwest Atlanta, learning how to survive and prosper as a pimp and drug dealer.

Interestingly enough, before she was a pimp, she made a living as a nurse.

During an Interview with Loop 21, Momma Dee explained how a woman who graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Georgia State became one of the biggest pimps and major drug dealers in Atlanta, Ga.

I’m divorced now but the day after I got married, a 17-year-old boy hit my head, crushed my left patella and my left articular. I couldn’t walk for three years, I was on crutches. When I was a nurse, one of my patients had confided in me that she ran a call girl service. I didn’t have the money to start one, but it didn’t take much for me to watch the local pimps in Atlanta and watch how they manipulated. I snatched up two girls at one time and they started working for me on the streets. I ended up with 15 women prostituting for me and opened up dope traps on Cleveland and Southridge in Atlanta. I was in that for 10 years. It was very lucrative. I had bought keys of cocaine from Big Meech himself.

Momma Dee quickly developed a reputation of being a woman no one wanted to play with. Her take charge attitude and aggressiveness allowed her to be successful in the streets.

So I made a name for myself. I was known to be a real working pimp and the women knew they could trust me and depend on their safety. When my girls went out they all wore the same colors every night so people would see, ‘Those Momma Dee’s girls, they got white on’ or ‘Them blue girls belong to her, so watch out because she will go ham, she will jump out one of these cars.’

Momma Dee also talked about how Lil Scrappy learned about her professions and how she reacted when she found out that Lil Scrappy was having fun with her women on her dime.

Scrappy didn’t let me know [he knew about the pimping and drug dealing] until he got grown that he was getting head from some of my girls and I was like, ‘You messing up my money! How you gonna tease on my paper like that?’

However, Lil Scrappy and her other children never wanted their mom to end up dead or in prison. When Lil Scrappy’s rap career took off, he approached Momma Dee and asked her to leave the life of the streets behind.

He came to me one day and said, ‘Ma, the Feds are trying to bust the house in. How much would you make in a day? Because I need you to stop. Please, Mama, stop. Sooner or later, they’re gonna snatch you up and you’re not walking out. Mama, I’ll take care of you if you would leave the streets alone.’



  1. I really have a lot of respect for Momma Dee. Not just any woman could have did what she did. I hope she makes the most out of this opportunity so sne doesn’t feel like she has to go back to that lifestyle.

  2. Man she had a hard life! I give credit to her for making something out of nothing, but I really hope she’s done with that stuff for good. It’s not a safe job to have and someone could have killed her and her entire family.

  3. Well damn. This woman is an O G. She’s more gangsta than half the rappers out now. And that includes Rick Ross’s old fat azz and Drake “Toss Bottles” Graham.

  4. This woman is the biggest trash on TV. She is an embarrassment to mothers, women, and the black community. Her face is hard as nails, and she dresses like a two bit – Scrappy should’ve disowned her the minute he came out of her trash bad coochie.

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