Rihanna’s Grandmother Dies

rihanna grandmother dead

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rihanna’s grandmother has lost her battle with cancer. Clara Brathwaite passed today, at the age of 80. The singer made it publicly known just last month that her Grandmother was dying due to cancer, and she cancelled some of her France appearances and studio time just to spend some personal time with the woman she affectionately referred to as “Gran Gran.”

The whole staff wants to offer Rihanna and her family our condolences at such a painful time and we offer nothing but prayers to Rihanna and all of those affected by Clara Brathwaite’s death.

rihanna grandmother died

rihanna grandmother died


  1. Aww praying for Rihanna and her family. It hurts to lose our grandparents. It’s definitely like losing a big piece of your childhood.

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