Black Celebs Throw Shade at Kim K. During The BET Awards 2012

Kim Kardashian at BET Awards With Kanye West

From left to right: Talent, Talent, Talent, hmm No talent

By: Taren Vaughan

With the airing of the 2012 BET Awards show last night, the stars came out in masses, including the mother of Baby Blue Carter. Beyonce’ Knowles joined her husband Jay-Z in the front row of the show alongside his protégé Kanye West, all of whom were nominated in several categories. And of course, Kim Kardashian showed up at the event with ‘Ye. Aside from the well-known fact that Kim has not a drop of talent to show for all that money she has raked in over the years, she never turns down a chance to get some extra shine as Kanye’s arm piece. Yet she looked rather awkward trying to accomplish her goal.

As you can see, Jay-Z and Kanye are enjoying each other’s company as always, Beyonce’ is flashing a smile, on chill mode, and Kim is looking out of place and lost.

Why does she look so strange in this picture?

Could it be from Black celebrities’ reaction to her getting star treatment?

Take Comedian Mike Epps in the picture for example.

Clearly, that stank face that he has going on isn’t towards Bey, Jay or Kanye but towards Kim Kardashian. Hell, he is probably trying to figure out how her ass made it to the front row and he didn’t. And I’m almost certain there were many more brothers and sisters in that crowd who mean mugged Kim all night, still mind-boggled as to why she is even famous in the first place.

True, she is sitting beside her “Knight in Shining Armour” Kanye and getting the extra TV exposure that we all know she craves. But something about her demeanor screams that she is uncomfortable being there period. It appeared that Beyonce’ didn’t offer up much love or conversation to Kim throughout the night, some say it was because of the huge backlash that she received for the snap shot floating around the Internet of her and Kim hanging together, tagging them as friends.

Beyonce And Kim Kardashian partying

Her hubby Jay-Z wasn’t up for it either as he gave out rounds of hugs before he went on stage to accept his Video of the Year award with ‘Ye, leaving Kim with nothing but an arm pat.

If this picture doesn’t further show how much of an oddball Kim Kardashian is amongst this crew, then I don’t know what does.

Sorry Kimmy, but you can’t get in where you fit in when it comes to the Roc. And the Black celebs know it.


  1. I thought I was the only one who caught on to Kim’s awkwardness. I know it had to be weird to be there sitting on the first row and most of the people there don’t even like you and only tolerate you because they love Kanye. Either way, Bey and J were cordial, but they didn’t want to be caught on camera again being too friendly. The reactions didn’t go so well the last time.

  2. Mike Epps’ face almost made me spit out my coffee. I have a friend who was there and she said the tension there between Kim and other black celebs was very evident. Kim needs to do some damage control because no one, white or black, besides her stupid fans that she just called stupid herself a few weeks ago, wants her around.

  3. Kim has no right being that close to King Bey! You do not lower yourself to be around trash that is Kim! Kim is a no talent skank that had to sleep her way to the top. What a low class heaux!

  4. So why is it that Kim and Kanye have to match all the time now? And is Ye dressing Kim because she has fallen off hard in the fashion department ever since they started dating. He comes off like he is too controlling in his relationships, and I can see him dragging the hell out of Kim if this doesn’t work out.

  5. Yeah Kim looked very uncomfortable, but it does now at least look like she really does like Kanye, so she’s willing to be uncomfortable just to be supportive. Still can’t stand her, but I could see the tension easily on my tv screen and I kind of felt bad for her. She really wanted to be part of Bey, Jay’s and Ye’s conversation but they kind of just made her look like she was just…there.

  6. Kim was just happy to be on the first row. I doubt she could have made it to the first row of the Grammy’s, let alone BET Awards without being Ye’s boo. And that is proof alone that most people still view her as trash.

  7. Kim should have felt uncomfortable, just about everyone there has seen her bust it wide open on camera and/or at least been the one to bust it wide open before she got with Kanye. Like I tell women all the time, being a slut won’t hurt you that bad because there will always be at least 2 SIMPS out there willing to wife you up anyway.

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