Lil Scrappy Throws Shade at Soulja Boy and Diamond After Learning They Are Dating Again

Lil Scrappy Soulja Boy beef

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Lil Scrappy and Soulja Boy beef is back on. As we reported first, Souljah Boy and Diamond are still dating. The couple are officially back together in 2012, and they made  their first public appearance at the BET Music Awards 2012. Rapper Diamond was nominated as “Female Rapper of the Year,” and glowing although she lost out to Nicki Minaj. Perhaps she was glowing because she and Soulja Boy got cozy the entire night and cuddled throughout all of the performances. And just like we said, we totally expected Lil Scrappy to throw a little shade at Diamond and Soulja Boy dating again, although Lil Scrappy dated Buckeey right after their split. The Love And Hip Hop Atlanta star didn’t disappoint, and he threw some major shade that was too good to go unnoticed. Peep his tweet that he conveniently tweeted after a hater and Soulja Boy fan tweeted him to let him know that Soulja Boy and Diamond were cuddled up at the BET Music Awards.

lil scrappy soulja boy beef

I guess since Lil Scrappy still thinks Diamond used him for a new booty and tracks with big names in the rap game like Ludacris, he can’t help but assume Diamond’s interest in Soulja Boy is merely for career purposes. Regardless, the two looked very into one another during the award show.

He also felt the need to remind Soulja Boy, a one hitter and one hit wonder, that he’s back on the come up tip:


soulja boy lil scrappy beef


I expect things to get a little more ratchet.


  1. Scrappy needs to just get over it. Everyone already knows that Diamond is a user and she only dates men that are on top at the time. We all know how shady she is in the A. He’s on a hit reality tv show and he needs to focus on putting out some music because once the spotlight is gone, it’s gone.

  2. I guess all the hate she was getting on TV from Scrappy and his momma led her right back into Soulja Boy’s arms. They look cute together.

  3. He shouldn’t have said anything because now he looks like a hater who’s jealous that his ex is at the BET Awards and relevant enough to be nominated for something, while he’s sitting at home watching her. I don’t know how genuine the relationship is, but it all seems to convenient to me and both Diamond and Soulja Boy know they need the attention. It’s all wack to me.

  4. Any word on how Erica or Momma Dee feel about Scrap speaking up about an ex that needs a ” Massengil” deal?

  5. And once again, he continues to show his baby momma erica no attention…smh. When the ex gets talked about more in interviews than you do, it’s time to move on.

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